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Strange Anomalies on Sunshine Coast

What makes this unusual is that they are effectively spaced apart and not a group but obviously still are.

It could be a section of soldiers wearing  gravity belts and camouflaged to look like a bit of cloud.  It is an obvious application once you have the gravity belts.  It certainly is no natural phenomena and the cotton like camouflage  is about right for this as human operated platform.

This naturally extends our expectations regarding the USSS and its operational capabilities.

Recall that this entire program is dependent on one discovery and that is gravity manipulation.  Original lab work around 1955 and we also confirmed it all in our own lab work.  In short I know it exists and why from a theoretical viewpoint.  When we discovered it, it was obviously too easy and I checked the literature to locate 1955.

Strange Anomalies on Sunshine Coast

I recently received the following account:

I'm sorry but I will have to guess the year as around 2010. I had been living in Australia since 2007 and had moved back to the Sunshine Coast after a year in Northern Queensland.

My mother had come out to visit from the U.K and the weather had not been good so when we had a clearer day (it was a Wednesday, I'm sure about that). I decided to take her to one of the nicest spots, just to sit on the beach and relax. Mums not young anymore and she likes to just sit and read a book in the sunshine for a while.

So we drove out to La Balsa Park, left the car and walked down the river to a fav place of mine, Pt. Cartwright, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It was about 1 pm by the time we got there. The tide was out and the beach very quiet as it was mid week. I found us a shady spot under a Pandanus tree and Mum got out her book. The weather wasn't all that hot and its was a lovely day down on the beach. A couple, with a young girl turned up and decided to sit about 4 meters the other side of the tree, and this is how things were for about 30 mins or so.

I was sitting next to Mum, looking North out to sea and what looks like a white plastic bag is being blown in towards the shore. Its only about 10 meters up, and coming in dead straight for the beach. This annoyed me, as I hate to see rubbish in a place of natural beauty like Pt. Cartwright, so I said something about it to Mum who agreed, and then carried on reading. By this time the object had cleared the foreshore and was over the beach moving at about walking pace and almost over head. That is when I realized that it was not a plastic bag. It was teardrop shaped and appeared to be made of cotton wool. We both had an excellent view of it as it went inland over the top of us. So I said it looks like some loft insulation that has been blown out to sea, and thought no more about it. About 10 minutes later another object approached from the sea at exactly the same height, and speed on the same path. This one looked like the first but was different. It was denser and was the shape of an infinity sign, so two teardrops one up and one down joined together. Maybe a meter high. We both watched as it went over us, and the family the other side of the tree watched it as well. We exchanged puzzled glances with them, but did not start a conversation. It was at this point I realized that there was no wind blowing onshore for these 2 objects to ride upon,and mentioned it to Mum. We both thought it was very strange and started discussing it in earnest. About 10 minutes later a third one comes in from the sea, same direction, same speed, but about 3 meters higher. This one is shaped like the first. Behind where we are sitting is a line of trees and then a steep hill. I thought that this thing is not going to clear the hill at that altitude and when it crashes I'm going to go up there and have a closer look at it, and the others which must have landed as well. So I walked down the beach to a point where I could turn around and see clearly up the hill behind us. Sure enough it flew over us all on the beach and then cleared the first lot of trees, and looked like i was about to hit a big tree a little further up the hill. As I watched it reached to the tree,and suddenly gained height clearing the tree and the rest of the hill behind it. It flew on, still dead straight and out of sight. I walked back up the beach and told Mum what had just happened. we were gobsmacked. The others on the beach, heard me talking and realized what had happened. Sure enough, 10 mins later another one flys in, teardrop shaped again. The couple near the tree, grabbed their little girl, picked up their stuff and hurriedly left the beach. Again I watched it fly over the hill at the last moment before it would have hit a tree. I sat on the beach, with Mum and watched these things fly in for a while longer. Always the same speed and path, dead straight, but varying heights. We counted at least 10 before we started to feel a bit alarmed and left the beach.

I looked at the map of Point Cartwright when we got home. These things flew in from open water going roughly south and then over the cliffs and out to sea again on the other side of the Point. I saw no ships they could have been launched from, and heard no sound at all.

There is a video on You Tube where a "cloud" touches down, and get stuck in a chickenwire fence in the middle east somewhere, and two Arab gentlemen are seen examining it. Also another one I saw recently where a cloud was moving slowly down a street somewhere in the U.S. This is the closest thing to what we saw that I have found anywhere. Mum was a bit shaken by the experience and not to keen on the idea of going back to Point Cartwright ever again. Any ideas what they could have been? Andy

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