Monday, January 22, 2018

Hawaiian Gambit

Hawaiian Gambit

I was waiting for the eyeballs to provide confirmation and here we have it.  There definitely was an incoming missile.

So let us understand just what happened.  As i have been posting, the USA is effectively at war with the NWO or New World Order Conspiracy.  Under the executive order, the president has the authority to deploy the military to support this war.

Conspirators under the past administration transferred all data to Hawaii where it was essentially locked out from mainland authorities.  However in the event of a potential nuclear attack, the automatics will immediately transfer all such data back to the Mainland.  Thus it is necessary to present such an attack if you want that data back.

We can then assume that a USN submarine fired such a missile in order to trigger the defense protocols. That missile was then destroyed about a 100 miles out.  Most likely it was aimed directly at Honolulu so that there could be no question regarding launching civil defense.  Such an order would only have been given to a USN officer.

Claims regarding the North Koreans and rogue Chinese subs and the Israelis is complete disinformation.

Bottom line is that all pertinent data has now been recovered in support of those 10,000 sealed indictments out there.  I also suspect that a marine force of thousands are presently in GITMO preparing accommodations for a lot of guests.  The shut down in Atlanta would have kept their departure quiet and provided necessary heavy lift capacity.  This part is speculative but cannot be too far from the truth.  What is completely clear is that a major secret deployment is now underway and will remain secret until the roundup is largely complete..

Claim: Hawaii charter boat group witnessed explosion in sky on morning of false missile alert

By Lexi Morgan -
January 19, 2018
A man’s sister told him a group of boaters witnessed an aerial explosion about 100 NM offshore around 8:00 a.m. last Saturday morning

SOUTH PACIFIC (INTELLIHUB) — A man posted a video to YouTube on Sunday in which he claims his sister, who lives on Maui, heard that a group of 9 tour boat guides and about 13 tourists witnessed some type of explosion in the sky about 100 NM offshore (leeward side.)

“They said it looked like a meteor and then all of a sudden it was a big boom and it lit up the entire sky,” he explained. “It was at eight o’clock in the morning.”

“Maybe this wasn’t a drill after all,” he said. “I would think that the United States would not want to cause more panic if they did launch something at Hawaii — they would say it was a mistake.”

The man also maintains that the story was posted by a local news outlet for a short period of time before it was “pulled” altogether.

Youtuber Ashley LP chimed in:

So I live on Island and our family has a lighthouse, we all saw a bright flash that morning as well. There is much buzz about this… Thank you for actually putting what islanders are all talking about.

The video was posted one day after a false missile alert caused a panic throughout the islands.

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