Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Camping...With Bigfoot

They actually did it right and almost started trading with a Big Foot.  That gift is important.  Bigfoot is in fact keen to receive gifts from us but knows not how.  Laying out gifts every day should do it and deer meat is an excellent choice as are good apples.  Accept gifts in return gracefully as it is information.

Big Foot is our natural partner in the woods and can obviously be groomed. Imagine Big Foot with a simple chain saw doing forest grooming.  This could work.

The potential is there and should be followed up on..

Camping...With Bigfoot

Thursday, January 11, 2018

An un-named caller from Columbia, Missouri wanted to share his Bigfoot story:

“This takes place about two years ago (1999). Three of my friends were out hunting by Cody, Wyoming. Me and my friends, we're more like traditionalists. We try to preserve the style of hunting back to the mountain man style. So we have done a lot of research into clothing and weapon use, all that. Well, we were up in Cody, Wyoming at a friend's ranch up there mule deer hunting in the old traditional style.

Well, we were up there and we had shot a mule deer. We'd been there about two weeks. We had pack horses and we were cutting this mule deer up to put it on the pack horses and then all of sudden there was what I thought at the time was this animal coming near us. It was kind if growling and snarling, kind of baring its teeth. I told my friend, "Let's go with what we got on the horses and leave the rest." So we went back to our base camp. Later that night I heard rustling in the leaves. I told my friends, "Well, the bears are trying to get to the meat, let's reposition it" and we do. We didn't really notice anything.

I got up the next morning and I said, "Did you notice something odd about that animal yesterday?" And they just kinda said that really hadn't seen anything like that but we're really not from this area of the country so they figured it was something native to this area. So we go out again, scouting for more mule deer. I later come back. A friend and I come back early. I heard some rustling again and I said, "Bears are after the meat again so let's sneak up real quiet and see if we can catch it and scare it off." So we sneak up to it and there's this, it looked like a guy in a... have you ever seen the old pictures of the Indians or the mountain men with the big buffalo capes around them? It kind of looked like that. But it was not quite... I mean the hair was long. I was like, what in the world is this? So we sat there and watched it. I now know it was Bigfoot, but at the time it didn't register, you know. We're watching it going through our packs and stuff like that. Our packs are the old basket style packs, you know, the basket frame, wood, metal. Let me tell you, they're killer on the shoulders. Anyway, he's just real intrigued. I don't know if it was a he or a she but it was real intrigued. I finally said, "I don't like this, let's real nonchalantly walk up and see if we can spook it away." So we just start walking like normal and sure enough it runs away and we're a little spooked.

Later that day we're eating lunch and we notice the same thing is camped across the creek that we're camped at. I said, "Boys, look at that." And we sat there and watched it and he watched us. And it was probably, it seemed like forever but it was probably like 30 minutes. I said, I wonder what that is. It acts too much human-like to be animal. And we start pondering and talking about it. One guy mentioned a Bigfoot and we all kind of laughed about it. Then, it was the oddest thing. The last day we were packing up our meat and this thing is across the creek again watching us pack up. I said, "I wonder if that's someone that's just been left out here, you know, a hermit type." So I laid a hind quarter of one of the deer out at the center of the camp and I said, "Let's go." So we acted like we were going. I said, now let's double back and see. The Bigfoot had come across the creek and was eating on, a little bit on, the leg of the deer. Then it took it and walked back across the creek and down on over the ridge. It was about the weirdest thing I've ever seen.”

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