Tuesday, January 30, 2018

American Counter Revolution against Fascist Takeover.

In two days we will have the State of the Union Address.  There is a high probability that Trump will choose that venue to announce at least some of what has been undertaken to stop cold what has been discovered to be a twenty year program to put the USA under a Fascist authoritarian government.  This program was hatched around placing Obama in the presidency by the NWO and their allies within the US government.  Obama had the first eight years and Clinton was expected to finish it.

I do want to say this is inspired by leftovers of Nazism and other allies of convenience. That may not be completely true, but all this is glued together by the perfect conspiracy of child pedophilia which has provided the necessary spine to this conspiracy.  There are overwhelming details to add to all this, but most is too much to actually handle.

As i have posted earlier, the Marine Corp was provided with enabling orders, legal authorities and 10,000 sealed indictments whose existence can be readily confirmed. The task is otherwise simply too large for civilian authorities.  February should see massive numbers of arrests.

At the same time, a number of public figures have been interviewed and let free to make their last arrangements.  This has led to a record number of corporate resignations to block asset seizure which was reasonable.  It is a form of catch and release. A large number face rendition to Gitmo to block USA legal redress and all the corruption there.

As also posted earlier, This is a full blown military intelligence operation and it encompasses cleaning up both the FBI and the CIA as well.  I would not be surprised to see General Flynn heavily involved.  The past administration worked long and hard to place their loyal operatives in positions of trust.

All this activity is also part of the cleanup taking place in Saudi Arabia.  At this time, we believe the Princes were freed after been shaken down, but possibly rearrested and shipped to the USA for further questioning.  We also understand the UK is acting on USA intelligence to take down their hidden pedophilia network.  Add in the cooperation shown by Russia, China and others and the ground is established for a full global assault on the so called NWO. 

All this is working under the cloak of full military security, so expect no leaks and chatter.  Most of what we are picking up is coming directly from deliberate leaks through Q Anon which should really be described as warning orders to loyalists and from interpreting unusual activity that is mostly focused around intelligence gathering and establishing a larger foot print at Gitmo.. . .


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