Monday, January 15, 2018

Illuminati Take Down?

I am asking this question because it is in the nature of Trump to go for all the marbles.  The level of military engagement is massive, yet secret and the number of sealed indictments at 10,000 is two orders of magnitude greater than anything ever experienced.  

The Illuminati meme has been publicly  with us for literally over two centuries and constitutes a counter movement to the Enlightenment and the loss of any form of royal prerogatives.  The movement has operated through the building of the global banking system.  By the nature of their belief system it is necessary that it be handed down generation by generation.  Otherwise enlightenment education would have inoculated against this whole meme.  Recall how difficult it is to actually believe this meme exists.

In my own experience, i can vouch for the lingering echos of the Jacobites handed down to me by my own mother.  That was then two centuries old and they lost.  Then we have the ongoing tribalism in Ireland that recalls  seventeenth century conflicts as well.  Thus we can certainly understand the sustaining of a well financed meme.

Yet the ambitions of the Illuminati have been on public display throughout this while been essentially an evidence free conspiracy.  The plan is to produce a one world government while eliminating all national governments and all churches.  This movement is credited with launching the Communist movement at least and continues to spend toward its ultimate objective under new names.  

The whole story line appears unbelievable to all except those they own and work through, so you can see why reaction to it has never attracted serious traction.

Striking at the leadership would still mean a handful of people and a small part of the overall operation against the USA Deep State..  Yet now they have massive intel to work with that may not happen again through those NSA data dumps.  So it is also timely and we need to be open to the maximum possibilities.  Renditioning Central bankers to Gitmo would signal this type of operation....



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