Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bimini and Atlantis

As a follow up to the item yesterday on Bimini and importantly the related Andrus Island, I have a few additional comments.

Both Andrus Island and Atlantis near Gibraltar were sited at sea level and both would inevitably have been completely destroyed by the tsunami of 1159 BCE.  This also suggests a building practice for Atlantean colony cities.  We should look for a sheltered sea shore location in the estuary of the Hudson River in particular that was plausibly defensible from hostiles.

Edgar Cayce in his readings made ample reference to the Atlantean world which our endeavors have narrowed down to the two millennia prior to 1159BCE.  However, the empire or confederation itself arose in the last few centuries before 1159 BCE and may have taken the place of the destroyed Minoan polity in the Mediterranean and prospered by it.

I observe that Cayce had difficulty in determining dates and chronology, largely because at the time no one could know this at all and act as a check.  He appears to be correct in identifying the Atlantean polity at the least.

The world that Atlantis looked out on contained emerging polities about Yucatan, the Mississippi valley and also throughout the Amazon.  These were likely inspired at the least by their interaction with Atlantean traders.

Though I focus on an obvious five hundred year time line for Atlantis, it could have been established in some form over the preceding millennia with a less flamboyant expression.

Of course, this begs the question of Lemuria.  Here we have the pre Pleistocene nonconformity civilization based throughout Southeast Asia including the submerged Indonesian platform and the Indian subcontinent.  This ended around 11000 BC with the event that ended the Ice Age. At least we have a civilization in place that conforms to the descriptions.

In short, Cayce’s work has helped flesh out a series of targets that bear fruit and look to continue to do so.  We are actually finding tings.

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