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Bigfoot Observed at Fort Stewart

For the record Bigfoot is a nocturnal primate that has been sighted in every State and Province of North America.  There are at present around ten thousand good quality reports in which the animal is seen and identified.  The population likely approaches 50,000 in magnitude.


Having said that we have a report here in which an active encounter took place in which the animal itself was proactively investigating the soldiers out of curiosity which is not unknown with this animal.


Because this happened under darkness, the humans were limited to their night finding gear and tellingly they effectively proved they were looking at an animal and not a disguised human.  This eliminates the monkey suit defense that has been used to reject the Patterson film from fifty years ago in California.


It is particularly noteworthy that the animal is not bothered by engine noise.  Familiarity is implied.  It was obviously stalking these guys to likely investigate them, though there is no evidence at all of implied danger.






Bigfoot has been sighted in every part of Georgia.  Image from Weird Michigan by my Weird colleague Linda S. Godfreu.

Fort Stewart, located near Savannah, is the largest training base for armor east of the Mississippi River. Its 280,000 acres, occupying portions of five counties, measures 39 miles from east to west and 19 miles from north to south. Much of Fort Stewart consists of swamp and piney woods, perfect cover for Bigfoot.

In December 1995 Sgt. R.B. was training near Glennville in Tattnall County, a remote area, with two other infantry squad leaders and two privates. Their assignment was to reconnoiter another unit located several miles distant. To avoid detection in the growing darkness, the men waded into chest deep swamp water for several hundred yards, guided by a map and compass. After leaving the swamp, “we could hear something or someone following us,” Sgt. R. B. wrote.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes their shadow would approach to within twenty-five yards of the team, but just when they expected to sight the pursuer, it would break off, “go around us, fade off, and then we would hear it coming again.”

In an effort to delude whoever was trailing them, Sgt. R.B., another sergeant, and a private halted while the other two men continued. Five minutes later the other soldiers followed. The mystery creature was not fooled, but cleverly “started weaving in and out of the two groups like a figure-8.” After the sections united, the two man unit reported “the same thing-that it came between the 2 groups, around them, toward us, like it knew exactly where we were even though we couldn’t see it.”

When the team was 400 meters from the opposing unit, they established a patrol base. Sgt. R.B. and another sergeant would reconnoiter their objective, then return in two hours, when a second pair would start out.

“This is when it got really weird,” Sgt. R.B. recorded. After covering 200 meters the men heard their nemesis again. They crossed an open area, then fell to the ground watching their rear. After five minutes they heard a “scream roar.” The creature apparently knew the game was over, for “a minute later it screamed again and then we heard what sounded like a huge rotten tree falling, and brush breaking. That was the last we heard and the last I wanted to hear.”

At two a.m. on November 12, 1998, Barry was gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, an armored tracked vehicle that was maneuvering on dirt tank trails in the northeast portion of Fort Stewart, a swampy area featuring thick vegetation that grows to a height of 10-12 feet. Barry was scanning for simulated targets through a thermal sight while the driver, his hatch secured, was driving using a night vision device, and the commander stood up in his open hatch using night vision monoculars.

When Barry entered a road intersection he would slew the turret to one side or the other to check for targets. At one intersection Barry looked to the right and the Bradley turned into that trail. As he scanned the track he “observed something come out of the vegetation” 50 yards away, crossing from right to left and entering the brush on the opposite side. It crossed the 15-20 foot wide lane in three easy strides, not hurrying. The creature completely ignored the approaching tank, keeping its head and torso looking straight ahead.

Barry, who had long trained with night vision equipment, could distinguish clothing, hair, and equipment on humans, and estimate their height. This entity “appeared through the thermal sight to be one constant color from head to foot,” which told him it wore no clothes. The being was seven to eight feet tall.

Barry had watched documentaries and read books about Bigfoot as a kid and he immediately thought this was one. Through the Bradley’s internal communications system he reported the sighting, but the spooked commander ordered the driver to “punch it” and the vehicle quickly exited the area.

Barry’s story was the primary topic of conservation at breakfast the following morning, with the soldier taking “some heavy ribbing over seeing Bigfoot.” Later another soldier approached and confided that his father, while stationed at Fort Stewart in the 1960s, had seen the same type animal in that area.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigator Stephen Willis spoke to Barry on December 24, 2006, and learned that the witness is currently a police officer. Willis, a career military man, had observed a suspected Bigfoot during an expedition in northern California in 2006 and found it also “had a uniform heat signature” as seen through a thermal viewer.

Both reports are from the archives of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The first is Case 4109, the second Case 17089.

From Weird Georgia (Cumberland House, 2000).
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