Monday, July 8, 2024

Coast Guard $198 Million Contract for V-BAT Drones

Everything that i imagined is now happening here.  Manned flight will become obsolete.  Now imagine combining the fully trained up Canada Corp with their tight artillery and overhead cover using these craft to take out opposing fire stations including mortars.

This would swiftly destroy an opposing dug in million man army.

This system is highly deployable from any land fire station and a long ways back as well.  and launches on set up...

Coast Guard $198 Million Contract for V-BAT Drones

By Brian Wang

Shield AI, building the world’s best AI pilot, was awarded $198 million by the U.S. Coast Guard to implement the V-BAT unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

The V-BAT series aircraft is the only operationally deployed single-engine ducted fan vertical takeoff and land (VTOL) UAS that can launch and recover from a hover and fly on wing in horizontal flight. With more than five years of persistent operational experience at sea, U.S. and international customers view the V-BAT as a flexible platform capable of performing Group 2 to Group 5 UAS missions and beyond.

Ducted-fan technology enables industry leading max-takeoff weight to payload weight ratio. V-BAT’s duct increases thrust by 80%+ at equivalent engine power, enabling take-off and landing with a single power plant and achieving unmatched payload mass fraction. It can fly for a half day or stop and hover for hours on end.

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Thrust vectoring bestows V-BAT with unmatched control authority for rock-solid stability in harsh weather conditions. The duct adds increased safety, eliminating operator safety zones, which expands the tactical employment envelope.

Vertical take off means no runway is needed. Deployment by one two people is a huge change.

Forward Operating Bases are easy targets and the future of tactical UAS must be more than just “expeditionary.” V-BAT is a tactical asset with strategic implications. The smallest and most agile footprint of any aircraft in its class. V-BAT is fully deployable by a 2-person team and packs up to fit in the back of a pickup truck or UH-60 Blackhawk. Go from pack to flight in under 20 minutes.

Shield AI announced that the V-BAT had a drone-swarming capability...

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