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11 Proofs: Power Is Being Returned to the People

It is quite possible that you believe none of this is true.  Yet this is a whole truth. What makes it so hard is listening to the silence.  real players are on ice. They should not be.

much of what we see is simply a show.

What i recognize as totally amazing is that everyone is following the norms of legal jurisprudence because this establishes a rule of law, slow as it may be, ahead ultimately of our rule of twelve.

So it is good news for the people.

11 Proofs: Power Is Being Returned to the People


Sean at the SGT Report has put together this very encouraging video, showcasing 11 very positive recent developments that've happened in rapid succession, which indicate that the tables are finally turning on the Globalist scum.

These are great reasons to celebrate July 4th!

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

MSNBC Host/ Former Biden White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki: The ruling that's coming down tomorrow morning regarding presidential immunity, they've waited for six months, they've delayed, delayed, delayed, making it so that the American public will not see a hearing, will not see a verdict on this very important case. What are you, what is your reaction to all of this? What are you watching for? What should people understand about the delay and what we're looking ahead to, tomorrow?

Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): Well, thank you for that question. If the court tomorrow says that the former President is above the law, they will have done a grave disservice to justice in our country.

(DC Draino tweet about recent SCOTUS ruling that Presidents enjoy limited immunity for official presidential actions, setting back Special Prosecutor Jack Smith's spurious "documents" case against Donald Trump)

Donald Trump Inaugural Speech: Today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning, because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, DC and giving it back to you, the people.

SGT Report Creator Sean: During his inauguration, when Donald J Trump promised to transfer the power from Washington, DC back to the people, who could have known the process would take 12 years to accomplish?

Here, are the top 11 proofs the power is being returned to We the People, as our Constitutional Republic is restored:

1) Biden the Dog King imploded on live TV for the entire world to see. (Rolls clip of Biden melting down on the debate stage), where Biden mumbles incoherently and finally musters, "We finally beat Medicare," to which Donald Trump responded: "He was right. He did beat Medicare. He beat it to death and he's destroying Medicare."

2) The Chevron doctrine overturned: A death blow to the Stay-Behind-Administrative-Deep-State. Attorney Robert Barnes explains the significance of this landmark SCOTUS decision and its impact on the way things used to work, prior to this ruling.

(Rolls Attorney Robert Barnes on the Viva Frei podcast)

Robert Barnes: And the prediction made was that the Supreme Court was going to eviscerate the last vestiges of Administrative State power. And that's what they did last week. They had two key decisions:

First, was the one that officially, formally overturned Chevron and said, "No, the Administrative State has no authority to act like it has the Article 3 Judicial Power to interpret the law, any more than it has Article 1 Legislative Power to rewrite the law by interpreting the law. And we, hereby say Chevron is wrong. Chevron is gone. That's it. No more deference to the Administrative State. Both article 3 of the Administrative Procedures Act require courts to be exercising Judicial Power, not unelected bureaucrats."

The second one is the SEC Decision, which said, "You know what, if you're trying to do something that looks like a Common Law Cause of Action – like, a lot of these civil fines look like Old School fraud claims, then that cannot go through your special little courtrooms at the SEC or any other part of the Administrative State." Well, we've been talking about this forever, that if you're seeking, I still think this is true for judicial sanctions. If you're seeking something that's monetary remedy, then, a jury should determine it.

They did that decision today, this week. And those two decisions say: "Administrative State, you no longer have the power to act like the legislature. You no longer have the power to act like the judiciary. You could only do what you are specifically delegated to do by Congress and by the Elected Head of the Executive Branch – and you can go no further.

"It is a death knell to the power of the Administrative State in America and it's going to apply to a bunch more cases to come. We're beginning – we're just beginning – to see the ramifications of the reversal of the Chevron Doctrine."

3) The Immunity Ruling.

(Rolls clip of Nancy Pelosi MSBNC's 'The Inside Interview" with Host Jen Psaki)

Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): If the court tomorrow says that the former President is above the law, they will have done a grave disservice to justice in our country.

SGT Report Creator Sean: The Supreme Court on Monday ruled in a 6-3 vote that former presidents, including Trump, enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution involving official acts during tenure in office but they are not immune from unofficial acts.

So what's it mean? Well, first, the Decision kicks the ball back to the Lower Court, which all but ensures that a trial won't happen in Trump's bogus "Classified Documents" case before the November Election.

It also puts a monkey wrench in Special Counsel Jack Smith's persecution of Trump, with Justice Thomas questioning whether Jack Smith's office is even Constitutional.

"If there is no law establishing the office that the Special Counsel occupies, then he cannot proceed with this prosecution. A private citizen cannot criminally prosecute anyone, let alone a former President."

Also, keep in mind that this SCOTUS ruling is regarding only a president's official acts during tenure in office. Unofficial and secretive acts, like accepting bribes for access to power and overt Treason, like Pedo Joe has committed while in office are not immune from prosecution.

4) Joe Biden, Barack Obama Sotoro, and the Demon Rats have been fully exposed to the American People as the Traitors they are, using the Cloward-Piven strategy to turn America into a Communist hellhole.

Charlie Kirk explains it, perfectly:

Charlie Kirk: What the Democrats are doing is a deliberate plan of destruction against the United States of America...[Biden's] team knows what they're doing. They hate the country. They have bitterness for this Republic, and they are making intentional steps to ruin it.

In the 1970s, there were two Marxist-communist political philosophers, Cloward-Piven, who wrote a document, saying that "We are going to turn America into a communist country by doing three things:

"1) We will destroy the US dollar by printing trillions of dollars we do not have. 2) We will build a Deep State of Government Agents that will go after everyday citizens and that will absorb the Private Sector. 3) And we will open up the southern border of the United States to allow tens of millions of third-worlders to come into the country.

This is called the Cloward-Piven Atrategy. 1) Trillions of dollars we do not have. 2) A deep state administrative state that is destroying the country and is locking up our political dissidents and 3) Allowing the third world to come into America.

It is not a mistake or an accident what Joe Biden is doing. It is intentional. And therefore, it is evil what he is doing. He is a traitor to the United States of America.

5. States rising against federal tyranny. States are asserting their power and their rights. Louisiana just passed a bill to protect the right to custody Bitcoin and ban Central Bank Digital Currencies. Tennessee famously just banned Chemtrails in the State. Texas and Florida have asserted there will be no Central Bank Digital Currencies in their States.

Again, the Federal Government derives its power from the Consent of the Governed and the 50 States – which it no longer has.

6. SCOTUS just ruled that the Obstruction statute used to persecute Jan Sixers and Donald J. Trump is not lawful. And it's a huge headache for the criminal Biden administration and long-awaited good news for hundreds of persecuted American Patriots.

(Rolls video of FOXNEWS)

FOXNEWS Studio Host, Off-Camera: Some more breaking news this time about the January 6th Rioters. The Supreme Court has just ruled. Let's get to Shannon Breen. What did they say?

Reporter Shannon Breen: So what they have said is that one of the statutes the Justice Department used to charge hundreds of different January 6th Defendants is no good – and that includes President Donald Trump, because he has actually had two of these counts against him in the Jack Smith DC case against him; that Federal Criminal case that has been on hold, here. So what, essentially they say is this statute, which was passed in the wake of Enron, they say it doesn't fit, here.

"He says, 'Given that the subsection was enacted to address the Enron disaster, not some other far-flung set of dangers, like what happened, just right over here, at the Capitol, it is unlikely that Congress responded with such an unfocused and grossly incommensurate patch.'

"In English, that essentially means that all of these people who were charged under this particular Obstruction statute for January 6th, that is no good. The dissent is – this is a very interesting vote makeup, because the dissent is actually written by Justice Barrett and she is joined by Justices Sotomayor and Kagan. She says that Congress did intend for this kind of conduct to be brought under this particular obstruction charge. She thinks the majority got it wrong.

"But what it means is a big headache for the DOJ and good news for hundreds of January 6th defendants charged under this statute, again, including including Donald Trump."

7) Big Pharma, the FDA, CDC and the fake doctors who pushed the MRNA COVID Vax poison bioweapon on the world are gutless, evil, pathetic, murdering cowards, and the whole world knows. They will be brought to justice. Here's Dr. Ben Marble.

(Rolls video of Dr Ben Marble, MD)

Dr Ben Marble, MD: Hello, Ben Marble, MD here. I told everybody from day one before the COVID-19 fake vaccine poisons came out, "Do not take a single dose." A lot of people didn't listen, including some of my own family members. My uncle took Moderna. He had a massive Widowmaker heart attack. Two weeks later, almost died. My sister-in-law took a Pfizer six months later, she got diagnosed with stage four turbo cancer of the pancreas. She is dead now. My brother-in-law took two doses of Pfizer and recently had to have his newly diagnosed kidney cancer cut out and he may very well die.

So that's three of my immediate family members who didn't listen, took the shots and now have had bad outcomes. So all the fake doctor poison pushers out there, you guys are just a bunch of f@cking pathetic, weak cowards. You're murderers. You deserve life in prison at a minimum. So f@ck you.

8) Elon Musk buys Twitter, fires 80% of its Marxist staff, and levels the playing field by restoring the voice of the people on the world's biggest town square.

And the CIA Mockingbird-whore-mainstream media and the establishment despise him for it.

(Rolls video of Elon Musk)

Elon Musk: Now, the thing that a lot of traditional journalists don't like is they don't like being put on the same platform as the average citizen. They don't like their voice being the same. They're pretty mad about that. But I think it's very important to elevate citizen journalism. I think it's very important to hear the voice of the people, the actual voice of the people, not the filtered voice of the people, and let the people choose the narrative, and let the people determine the truth, and not five editors-in-chiefs of major publications.

Do you want to know what's really going on or do you want their opinion? You know, it's a handful of people. I think we want to know the voice of the people, the true voice of the people.

9. The world learns the absolute truth about the criminal CIA and the deep state's role in the coup and toppling of Ukraine and its disgusting, criminal CIA-Zelensky government, which was installed.

Here's the 100% truth about the Ukraine-Russian war from Jeffrey Sachs. It's a five-minute clip and you should listen to every single word.

(Rolls video of Jeffrey Sachs on Pier Morgan's show)

Piers Morgan: You seem very reliant on accepting Putin's worldview, rather than perhaps the stark reality of the barbarism with which he's executed this war.

Jeffrey Sachs: Yeah, maybe because I know too much about the United States, because the first war in Europe after World War II was the US bombing of Belgrade for 78 days to change borders of a European state. The idea was to break Serbia, to create Kosovo as an enclave, and then to install Bondesteel, which is the largest NATO base in the Balkans, in the southwest Balkans.

So the US started this under Clinton, that we will break the borders, we will illegally bomb another country. We didn't have any UN authority. This was a, quote, "NATO mission" to do that. Then, I know the United States went to war repeatedly, illegally, in what it did in Afghanistan, and then, what it did in Iraq, and then, what it did in Syria, which was the Obama administration, especially Obama and Hillary Clinton, tasking the CIA to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

And then, what it did with NATO illegally bombing Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi. And then, what it did in Kiev in February 2014. I happened to see some of that with my own eyes.

The US overthrew Yanukovych. together with right-wing Ukrainian military forces. We overthrew a president. And what's interesting, by the way, is we overthrew Yanukovych, the day after the European Union representatives had reached an agreement with Yanukovych to have early elections, a government of national unity, and a stand-down of both sides.

That was agreed. The next thing that happens, is the opposition, quote, unquote, says, "We don't agree." They stormed the government buildings, and they deposed Yanukovych. And within hours, the United States says, "Yes, we support the new government!" It didn't say, "Oh, we had an agreement. That's Unconstitutional, what you did."

So we overthrew a government, contrary to a promise that the European Union had made. And by the way, Russia, the United States, and the EU were parties to that agreement. And the United States, an hour afterwards, backed the coup.

OK, so everyone's got a little bit to answer for. In 2015, the Russians did not say, "We want the Donbas back." They said, "Peace should come through negotiations – and negotiations between the ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine and this new regime in Kiev led to the Minsk II Agreement. The Minsk II Agreement was voted by the UN Security Council unanimously. It was signed by the government of Ukraine.

It was guaranteed, explicitly by Germany and France. And you know what? And it's been explained to me in person. It was laughed at inside the US government.

This is after the UN Security Council unanimously accepted it! The Ukrainian said, "We don't want to give autonomy to the region." Oh, but that's part of the Treaty.

The US told them, "Don't worry about it." Angela Merkel explained, in De Zeit, in a notorious interview, after the 2022 escalation, she said, "Oh, you know, we knew that Minsk II was just a holding pattern to give Ukraine time to build its strength." No, Minsk II was a UN Security Council unanimously-adopted treaty that was supposed to end the war.

So when it comes to who's trustworthy, who to believe, and so forth, I guess my problem, Piers, is I know the United States Government. I know it very well. I don't trust them for a moment!

I want these two sides actually to sit down in front of the whole world and say, "These are the terms." Then, the world can judge. Because, we could get on paper clearly for both sides of the world: "We're not going to overthrow governments anymore," the United States needs to say, "We accept this agreement," the United States needs to say.

Russia needs to say, "We're not stepping one foot farther than whatever the boundary is actually reached. And NATO's not going to enlarge. And let's put it for the whole world to see.

You know, once in a while, treaties actually hold.

10. The 2020 election was stolen. It was a coup. We the people know it. The whole world knows it. And justice will be served with prison sentences for all of those involved.

(Rolls podcast on Lindell TV's The Joe Hoft Show with guests, Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom)

Greg Stenstrom: The facts are, is that there was an interagency effort, conspiracy, to obstruct Federal Investigations into Election Fraud – massive Election Fraud. And what we had in 2020 was – I can say this today, I think I would have been more circumspect in 2020 – but I can say today with great veracity, gravitas, "That it was a coup."

And Bill Barr was at the center of that coup, among another group, called the Council, the CIGI, which includes the Inspector General Horowitz and includes the FBI and Deputy Directors of the FBI, Christopher Wray now. And then it included the US Attorney Generals, which was Barr, Ben Rosen, and now Merrick Garland. So these people are obstructing these investigations.

They retaliate against witnesses. We took all the evidence that Leah just mentioned, filed a Disclosure with Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee last July. Very, very detailed, substantiated, specific charges and allegations. I think I provided them to Joe's staff last night. I don't know if he has them, but we'll be posting them later today.

Most recently, after a three-year investigation, again, that Leah and a group of people that we work with conducted, and in response to court cases, discovery, subpoenas, right-to-knows, FOIAs, we submitted formal charges to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, who is now Michelle Henry, against Governor Shapiro, who is the former Pennsylvania Attorney General.

These are specific criminal charges and violations of USC 18, Obstruction of Investigations, and Collusion and Participation in massive Election Fraud. Those are formal charges that have been filed to her. They were also copied to Jack Smith, who has been charged, as Special Counsel by Merrick Garland to investigate any interference with the transfer of power in 2020, which Governor Shapiro was certainly involved in and the other bad actors we just mentioned.

So, Michelle Henry now has a dilemma. She's got formal charges, not only against Governor Shapiro, but the District Attorneys here, multiple public officials, law enforcement officers. Again, former US Attorney General Barr is deeply involved.

And she has a duty. She has a duty to investigate. They have Prosecutorial Discretion, but they have a duty to investigate. They cannot choose not to investigate. She must refer these charges to Jack Smith, who's the Special Counsel, who's also working on the indictments for Trump.

And it's quite the mess, because it requires both the Federal Officers and Federal Agencies and the State Agencies, including the Attorney General's Office, District Attorney's Office, the Inspector General's Office. It requires all of them to investigate.

And the biggest problem they have is, they've had all the documents the entire time. They're their own documents. We use their own emails, their own documents, their own texts. They incriminate all of them.

So we have a plan for this, but right now we're sitting here, depending on how they react, but they're in a situation where they now must investigate all the people they were working with and the evidence is overwhelming. So that's the bombshell, I think and I think that what will come out of it, people ask me what will come out of it. And I can say with experience that prison will come out of it. Eventually they will go to prison.

It's not, this isn't something that's gonna be able to be swept aside. Not my first rodeo. Leah's tenacious and it will eventually result in prison sentences, accountability, and people who stole the election in 2020 and who intend to steal the election in 2024, they will be held accountable and they will be stopped.

11) Le Pen wins. Rothschild banker, Macron, is running on fumes. Nationalism and patriotism are on the rise in Western nations and in the United States, From Sea to Shining Sea.

(Rolls video of Marine Le Pen, whose party in France just won the first round elections that could see her appoint a 28-year-old Jordan Bardella as Prime Minister, with her setting her sites on the 2027 Presidential Campaign)

Marine Le Pen: I appeal to the wisdom and the good sense of the people. Give me ONE reason – just one – to share our territory with foreigners who collaborate with a Totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French people?

SGT Report Creator Sean: Friends, the tipping point has been reached. The Apocalypse is upon the Deep State, because the Great Awakening is real and there is a sea change of real change taking place, all over the world, especially in the United States of America, where We the People will, once again restore our Republic and bring justice to the traitors to our nation.

Thanks so much for tuning in, friends. I'll remind you every single day, for free. You can get the real news, the antidote to corporate, propaganda, and all of those CIA mockingbird media lies at God bless you and yours. Bye-bye.

Voice of Todd Callender: I really do think this has all been pre-planned. I think that President Xi and President Trump and President Putin, and frankly, Kim Jong-un, all had an agreement that this is done.

They're not going to go along with the program to eradicate humanity and they've frustrated it. And this is our defining moment, there. That's why you're not seeing the nuclear exchange – even the Persians agreed, "We're not gonna destroy humanity," because otherwise, all of these things would have worked:

Putin would have rolled all the way to Kiev by now and he hasn't done that. He's honored the Minsk Accords. So for whatever reason, I really believe that Trump is already kind-of in place and he will walk back in and we're not gonna have a civil war, I pray. And I think we're having that near-death experience intentionally and Russia and China and North Korea and others are in on it, including the Persians.

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