Tuesday, July 9, 2024

2 BILLION New Acres of Farmland

Do look at this item.  using freshwater tech, i expected it to take a thousand years to terraform the whole Sahara desert.  now we can start at low tide mark to work back into the whole coast. using simple dam systems which we are already up for anyway.

Obviously any delta is highly prospective.  Even the Nile delta can be expanded  with a mangrove barrier forest.

that is the easy part.  Now pump sea water up hill deep into the desert.  Set up paddies all the way down hill and plant plenty of mangroves.  All this keeps the lands wet and thriving.  Better yet, the natural hydraulic cycle kicks in and all slopes are soon bathed with rain and grasslands and forests open up.

It is plausible that good husbandry will slowly send most of that salt down river0 0o0ver centuries producing a stable productive hinterland.  Imagine the Mississippi covering the Sahara and the whole Middle East into the boreal forest.  this makes it possible and plausible.

The Dutch did it, and every coastal strip is a starting point.

2 BILLION New Acres of Farmland

Andrew Millison

310,935 views 1 Jul 2024

310,935 views • 1 Jul 2024

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to Spain to film the epic work of Seawater Solutions, a European company that is pioneering a whole new form of agriculture: growing productive plants in saltwater. They estimate that using plants called perennial halophytes, they can turn 2 billion acres of salty wasteland into productive farmland. This changes everything! 

Seawater Solutions: https://seawatersolutions.org/ 
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