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Trillions from Tesla Robotaxi Will Come From China First

Of course it starts here were we have natural density to make it easy.  Rolling out world wide is then with proven tech.

And quick. This is the next major phase in the global automotive industry.

Understand our whole globe is becoming motorized.  Thus it all will soon be universal and significant lag times are becoming a thing of the past.  

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Trillions from Tesla Robotaxi Will Come From China First

May 31, 2024 by Brian Wang


Tesla first trillion dollars in robotaxi revenue will come from China first. Most of the first 800 cities and most of the first million robotaxis. Tesla is unveiling the Robotax on August 8, 2024 and Ark Invest has projected the robotaxi business will be worth ten trillion dollars per year.

China is has already moved the fastest to authorize robotaxi operations in a hundred cities. China will permit all 800 Chinese cities to operate robotaxis. China has over half of the world’s electric cars.

Tesla has already partnered with Baidu, China’s Google, to get hypermapped information for all China cities.

China’s government wants to be a global leader in emerging technologies and has identified robotaxi’s and autonomous driving as a key target.

The top robotaxi and autonomous vehicle companies in China are:
Baidu Apollo
Didi Chuxing

Baidu Apollo seems to be a world leader with more rides given and miles driven than Waymo (Google backed US leader in robotaxi).

Apollo, AutoX, Pony.ai, Didi and WeRide each have hundreds of robotaxi vehicles and operate in 10 to 25 cities in 2024 and could be up to 65 cities in 2025. Apollo, Didi, AutoX and Pony.ai could have thousands of robotaxi in 2025. Apollo is targeting to become profitable in 2025.

Tesla will partner with all of these Chinese companies and most of China’s electric car makers (BYD, Xpeng etc…).

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