Thursday, June 6, 2024

Raising Rabbits for Meat... Is It Worth It?


Well maybe, but we do have to get past consumer resistence here.  It is a a tough sell as is venison.  sorry folks, but media brainwashing has not helped here.

otherwise rabbits need alfalfa pellets and that is high quality feed.  So our feedlot design will drive price.  and yes they are easy to work with using elevated cages and simple manure removal.  yet they have never really caught on anywhere.

Meat rabbits do get to around ten pounds and that is good enough to plausibly make a quality meat.  I do not see the broiler proposition here at all.  taste is too light.  I got very tired of eating rabbit when i grew them.

Yet we have recently discovered in China that running wild in the desert is a wonderful plan becaquse they activate the living seed bed.  this may change it all about.

This item is about pastured rabbits and alo that and is longish.  We are still in custom production mode.

Raising Rabbits for Meat... Is It Worth It? (Pantry Chat with Daniel Salatin)

06-02-2024 •, Homesteading Family

Daniel Salatin is sharing the ease and practicality of raising rabbits for meat, covering everything from their benefits to practical considerations like daily care, feeding, processing, and breed selection.

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