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The Grift goes On Pandemic Treaty

Ah yes,  just what was it they put through while all eyes are on those shiny new tanks?

Somehow unregulated global corporations are using faux international entities  to bypass all forms of inconvenient laws put up in their path by concerned citizens.  That is what is really happening and reining them all in is first going to need to rout out global criminality by the literal banding of all criminal running dogs including the CCP.

Displacing hierarchal constructs with the RULE of TWELVE is becoming important folks.


Find out what’s really going on!

WHO Won? with James Roguski | Noor Bin Ladin Calls

JUN 10

Last month, many in the Alternatve Media and in the Health Freedom Movement celebrated when the World Health Organization's dread Pandemic Treaty was tabled after the member states were unable to come to an agreement. People rejoiced that a treaty that would have nullified the national sovereignty of our countries had been shut down.

However, as James Roguski warned us last week, "The 77th World Health Assembly HAS adopted a substantial package of amendments to the International Health Regulations. We the People have suffered a stunning defeat."

James joins Noor Bin Ladin's podcast to discuss the key amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), which were adopted a few days ago in Geneva at the World Health Assembly.

Those key amendments can be found in Articles 1, 12, 13, 44 and 44bis in the document, which James urges us to read.

James says the main focus of the new amendments was to create a financial mechanism to fund and facilitate the increased manufacturing/distribution of poisonous products – and furthermore, to transform the legal status of these products into that that of a "Global Public Good" (a term coined by the Bank for International Settlements).

As James says:

"This is designed to turn poison into a "Global Public Good". They want diagnostic tests and drugs and jabs to flow like water from a faucet, in geographically-distributed manufacturing. They've set up a coordinated financial mechanism...

"And it feeds into what I think is really the deal, here. They want to be able to scare people to say there's something horrible going on and have already in place, with the distribution and logistics, all of the jabs and drugs and tests flowing like water, these "Global Public Goods" ready to go, so that when your local officials who didn't need any agreement or treaty to abuse you over the last four and a half years, they've already practiced the drill. They know how to overstep their authority and coerce people and trick people into being afraid and lining up to get their jabs or their tests or whatever."

He continues, "This is trickery. And so, if you look at what they're really, really doing, they want to feed the beast that made them an awful lot of money over the last four and a half years, transferred wealth, as you said, 'Degrade your health to increase their wealth.' We have to wise up to the game."

In other words, they want a new money-laundering mechanism – which, he says should make you mad – but there's a Silver Lining, in that we now know their plan and can get to work on stopping it.

Or as James says:

"They've laid their cards on the table. We now get to see exactly what they plan. They plan to, at some point in the future, have a meeting of the Implementation Committee to decide how they're going to build their coordinating financial mechanism. We need to focus like a laser beam on the fact that we now have their blueprint. You should not be afraid. You should be [nonviolently] enraged."

James says that the original driver of these new IHR amendements was "equity". The non-woke significance of "equity" is money and these new amendments would provide financing to Third World leaders, so they can get in on the grift that made billionaires out people in the China, the US and the EU.

The new amendments would provide a financial mechanism for leaders in poor countries to receive money directly, so they can manufacture PPE, invasive swabs, invalid PCR tests and – of course – more bioweapons. It would allow these leaders to get more hands-on in the democide of their own people, by always having an ample supply of bioweapons at their disposition – to say nothing of extra cash to buy villas and megayachts.

James notes that last year, the WHO told Bangladesh and Africa, that they didn't want to be in charge of this, because it would bring a lot of liability down upon them, so they told them to come up with a better idea. Quoting from James:

"So their better idea, in Article 13, and 44 and 44a is, "Well, let's just have an office that goes looking for money, and helps you build out all of that infrastructure, so that you can make your own poison, you can make your own biological weapons, and you can profit from that. We'll help you do that. They got they got more than they asked for..."

Still, James remains confident about the future, saying, "This should not make you afraid. Anybody out there fear-mongering about, "Oh! the WHO is going to come knocking on your door with their goons and force!" – No. They're the World Hypnosis Organization. They've tricked the vast majority of the Alternative Media and the Health Freedom Movement to be barking up the wrong tree!

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