Thursday, November 16, 2023

WaPo Drops Bombshell On The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Narrative: A Ukrainian Colonel, Covert Ops, & The CIA's Shadown

Curious that this comes out just now.  It is almost plausible except that the folks with actual means are hardly these guys.  It took serious support infrastructure to do this, particularly in the Baltic.

Yet they are at war and here we are likely trying to untangle the ensuing Gordian Knot.  at least we have folks with a clear motive.  It still needed NATO involvement.  show me another way that can maintain secrecy.

right now it looks like this is end game for this ridiculous war.  Russia would only lose this war if it finally got bored.  It is now trench war at its finest and neither wants to lose more men.  And no Canada Corp has been trained up by either side.


WaPo Drops Bombshell On The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Narrative: A Ukrainian Colonel, Covert Ops, & The CIA's Shadow


SUNDAY, NOV 12, 2023 - 12:25 PM

Consider the source (and the timing)...

No lesser deep-state mouthpiece than The Washington Post just dropped a bombshell with the revelation that Ukrainian Colonel Roman Chervinsky "was integral to the brazen sabotage operation" on the Nord Stream pipeline, "according to officials in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe, as well as other people knowledgeable about the details of the covert operation."

The bombing, dubbed a "dangerous assault on Europe's energy infrastructure" by US and Western officials at the time, marked a critical juncture in the ongoing tensions between Russia and the West. By targeting the pipeline, the operatives (whoever they were) struck a blow to a critical artery of Russian energy exports, a sector that has been at the heart of European-Russian economic relations.

Additionally, as the Goebbels-ian narrative that 'Russia did it' was pushed by mainstream media (and politicians), it enabled further 'aid' to be sent to Ukraine, to 'protect interests'.

Chervinsky, a senior figure within Ukraine's Special Operations Forces, was allegedly the "coordinator" of the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline. The operation, executed with precision and secrecy, involved deep-sea diving and explosive charges, ultimately resulting in substantial damage to the pipeline which Ukraine had long complained would allow Russia to bypass Ukrainian pipes, depriving Kyiv of huge transit revenue.

Of course, as one would expect, the Ukrainian Colonel, via his counsel, refutes any involvement in the pipeline sabotage, blaming Russia for this accusation.

“Without merit, Russian propaganda is spreading all rumors regarding my participation in the assault on Nord Stream,” Chervinsky stated in a written statement to The Washington Post and Der Spiegel, which jointly investigated his activities.

It would not have been out of character as WaPo reports that Chervinsky is a decorated officer with extensive experience in covert operations, reportedly including plans to ensnare Russian Wagner mercenaries and targeting pro-Russian separatists, highlighting a pattern of aggressive, high-stakes operations against Russian interests.

Furthermore, WaPo reports that Chervinsky did not act alone and he did not plan the operation, again "according to the people familiar with his role," but instead took orders from more senior Ukrainian officials, who ultimately reported to Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer, "according to people familiar with how the operation was carried out."

More problematically, Chervinsky’s involvement in the Nord Stream assault is in direct opposition to Zelensky’s public denials regarding Ukraine’s involvement.

“I am president and I give orders accordingly,” Zelensky said in press interview in June, responding to a report by the Post that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency had learned of Ukraine’s plans before the attack.

“Nothing of the sort has been done by Ukraine. I would never act that way,” Zelensky said.

Interestingly, WaPo reports that Chervinsky is being held in a Kyiv jail on charges that he abused his power stemming from a plot to lure a Russian pilot to defect to Ukraine in July 2022. Authorities allege that Chervinsky, who was arrested in April, acted without permission and that the operation gave away the coordinates of a Ukrainian airfield, prompting a Russian rocket attack that killed a soldier and injured 17 others.

This WaPo report comes at a crucial time in the geopolitical chess-game, as the desire for more spending in what appears to be a lost cause in Ukraine is fading fast among Western populations (most notably US), and perhaps offers President Biden an 'excuse' to reduce aid in light of this 'shocking development' - which, of course, Washington has vehemently denied any involvement in (and denounced as a "reckless act".

Throughout “all of this scheming,” the source said, “some working guys in the CIA and the State Department were saying, ‘Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.’”

Nevertheless, in early 2022, the CIA working group reported back to Sullivan’s interagency group: “We have a way to blow up the pipelines.”

Hersh, a renowned investigative journalist - who broke such well-known stories as the My Lai massacre and Abu Ghraib scandal and has long been known for impeccable insider sources - has previously reported on the deep entanglement of US intelligence in various global hotspots, hinting strongly at the complex interplay between Ukrainian ambitions and broader Western strategic objectives.

The broader geopolitical context cannot be ignored.

The US and NATO have been deeply involved in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression, but the extent of their involvement in covert operations remains a subject of intense debate and speculation. The Nord Stream bombing, if indeed orchestrated by a faction within the Ukrainian military, could be seen as an extension of this proxy conflict, where Ukraine serves as a frontline in a larger strategic contest between Russia and the West, with CIA pulling the strings (just as Hersh concludes).

In an interview with WaPo in June of this year, Zaluzhny said the CIA had never asked him directly about any attack on Nord Stream. He said that after the explosions, in September 2022, he received a phone call from then-U. S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark A. Milley.

“He asked me, 'Did you have anything to do with it?' I said, 'No'. A lot of operations are planned, a lot of operations are going on, but we have nothing to do with it, nothing at all."

Some of those who described Chervinsky’s participation in the Nord Stream attack defended the veteran intelligence officer as acting in Ukraine’s best interests.

So, why now? Suddenly various 'sources' come forward to offer a scapegoat for this "reckless act"?

A distraction from potential confirmation of Washington's involvement? ... A potential release valve on the 'blame Russia' narrative enabling 'peace' conversations to take place? ... An opportune excuse to curb 'aid' (pending an investigation)given the involvement of Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine's top military officer (and Zelensky's denial) prompting questions of discord within the Ukrainian chain of command?

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