Thursday, November 16, 2023

Transhumanism and the NWO


Transhumanism and the NWO

What makes all this blather so totally stupid is that all of us are already transhuman spirit bodies  quite able to dump our material bodies.  

Attempting to somehow improve upon our material bodies then looks to be a poor deal.  We have then to function here on earth and thyat is good enough. Full access to our INNER SUN will allow us to be restored to our physical prime for as long as we want to be here on earth.  

In fact the NWO creeps are only promising something we already have but mostly do not know how to access.  I have meditated and experienced the INNER SUN once and was startled and have only simce understood it.  Understood htat yesus accessed the INNER SUN in order to produce his miracles.

In the meantime, the NWO goons use science to lead us away from all that.  how awful.  

Recall. we are plasma beings who have constituted a physical life able to experience Earth.  we likely exists as sixty four separate aspects now on earth. ( communication from other side to a direct query - arclein)

We need a group of folks to pursue access to the INNER SUN just to be able to heal every person on earth.  that is the purpose of meditation allowing the other side to empower us.

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