Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Tesla Megapack Factory Production Limit Solved and Capacity Will be Doubled to 80 GWh

Let it be said. The simplest fix to humanities power needs, grid or otherwise is energy storage. This has been an issue from the beginning in 1900 and this will certainly resolven it all  understand that both solar and wind become hugely better with storage.

In the end, surplus production will drop into storage and all our production will be optimized against best efficiency.  since most is thermal, those can then run full out.

and our EVs will draw down surpluses over night.

I estimate that these battery packs can effectively double our power supply.  I wonder if we can long haul a pack from the site C Dam to wherever?

Tesla Megapack Factory Production Limit Solved and Capacity Will be Doubled to 80 GWh

November 17, 2023 by Brian Wang

Bradford Ferguson reports that the Tesla Megapack factory will expand to 80 GWH per year of capacity. The original megapack factory capacity was 40 GWH.

Bradford also reports that the limitations on Tesla megapack production will be lifting. The Tesla factory only had one of two lines running and has been producing 4 GWH per quarter which is about 16 GWh per year. This is about $1.5 billion of revenue and $500 million of profits each quarter. Bradford says the limitations were silicon carbide chips.

Tesla expanding to four lines and 80 GWh would be $40 billion per year in revenue. This would be about $8-10 billion per year of profit. Tesla has about $10 billion of net income this year for all of the car business. IF Tesla expands to 80GWH/year of megapacks then this will more than double profits for 2024 versus 2023.

They are averaging 12-15 megapacks per day but have the current capacity for 18 megapacks per day. Megapacks for 4 MWH of energy per unit. This would mean about $2 to 2.5 Billion in megapacks for the quarter. However, the revenue is not recognized until the packs are installed and connected to the grid which can take 1-3 months after they are made.

27 Megapacks per day would be 10000 per year.
54 megapacks per day would be 20000 per year. (80 GWH capacity).

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