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David Icke – Exposing the Illuminati & Satanic Government & That’s Why He Gets Censored!

This man has been aggressively censored now forever..  so of course we wonder why.  after all the best form of censorship is to sim[ly ignore him and let his opinions wrap dead fish.

That is exactly how we stop NAZIs, MARZISTS and RACISTS.  All of whom insult majority opinion.

Yet what Icke is talking about has never ever been anyone's majority opinion or even a minority opinion.  And the majority opinion has been to dismiss it all from the get go.  In fact it takes deep effort and consideration to even approach these opinions.

My first exposure to the reptilian meme was an article in Scientific American back in the late sixties.  I could not understand how it got published, but it introduced a plausible evolutionary pathway fordinosaurs.  Since then I have uncovered no earlirr reports to support an eye witness presence in the literature except for several likely dinosaurs as such..

Instead we have read several, as in small, well written eye witness reports telling of extant humanoid intelligent lizards. what is lacking is plenty of eye witness reports not written by a jounalist.

Understand that a real reptillian humanity, living underground in manutactured refuges has every incentive to indirectly manage human governance and also to suppress our human population.  That should bother you.

David Icke – Exposing the Illuminati & Satanic Government & That’s Why He Gets Censored!

“Do you know anyone who’s confident and secure in and of themselves, who wants to censor anybody? No, no they’re quite happy for an open debate and free flow of information because they’re confident that what they’re saying will stand up to that scrutiny. People who want to censor you are those that know their narrative won’t”

The above is a quote from David Icke, from his interview in the video below with host True Geordie. Many of us have a better understanding of what he is saying now, due to the blatant censoring of views in opposition to the government narrative over the last few years and to some of us, this may have come as a shock. However, David Icke has endured this for decades now, and to a far greater degree. Not only has he been censored from the usual platforms such as YouTube, and Facebook and the like, he has also been banned from actual countries!

Australia is one country he was banned from going to and also 27 European countries, due to the “schengen system a common border system in Europe. David was banned from the Netherlands and explains that if you’re banned from one you are banned from all of them.”

He rationalises this extreme censorship, and says “you can go into victim mode, or you can say you’re just confirming I’m over the Target because if I was crazy, if what I was saying had no validity whatsoever and could be shown to be so, then you wouldn’t be frightened of me at all” and if we think rationally too, of course he is right. We then have to ask ourselves why would they be frightened of one man? Why would he, an unarmed, lone man have been labelled a level 3 terrorist by way of justifying banning him from venues?

The only possible answer is because of the knowledge that he departs to others, knowledge that up until David Icke put his head above the paprapet, was never discussed in the TV watching circles.

As he says, “if you can dominate the narrative so that people are only hearing one angle of the story, or one version of the story, then you are going to dictate the perceptions of vast numbers of people who haven’t had any other angle to consider”

This is what censorship is about, controlling the perception of the masses, as David says “If you can control perception, you control behavior. We behave as we do, because we perceive as we do, and we perceive as we do, because we believe as we do, and we believe as we do, because of the information through which we form our perceptions.”

Of course, we are far more aware of that these days, and those of us trying to provide another angle have found ourselves advising others to turn off the TV, the tool primarily used to control perceptions.

This topic was just a little bit of what I found really interesting in David Ickes interview in the video below “Aliens are HERE! Exposing the Illuminati and Satanic Government” you can see from the title, there are far more interesting topics discussed and the fact that he experienced such extreme censorship by those controlling the narrative, it makes these topics far more interesting because this is the stuff they did not want us knowing. (Source).

Aliens are HERE! Exposing the Illuminati and Satanic Government

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