Monday, May 2, 2016

Coded Electrons

My theoretical work suggests that an electron or for that matter a near neutral electron locked pairing will have over 1200 to 2400 axis that can act as pivots for two dimensional photon strips.  As the strips themselves are effective Mobius strips they can actually code any number.  Any electron will then have several hundred to thousands of such strips to work with.  All this implies that an electron can be coded with a massive amount of information or at least a serial number.

The inferences from this is huge.  It means that the light body processor controlling a cell and its DNA will merely recode electrons in order to induce a desired chemical reaction.  In quite the same way and far more practically this is the royal road to true high yield chemistry which will revolutionize the chemical industry.  It can also naturally eliminate waste problems at the same time.

I have understood this potential for some time.  It has just that now we have strong indication from our lab work that this is actually true or for that matter it is possible and used generally in nature anyway.  Clean electrons ( uncoded ) have been processed to produce a clearly different form indicating that it has been coded. 

The free electron we are familiar with are all produced originally as a result of neutron neutron decay to hydrogen and are coded to lock onto a positive ion. That may be the sole way of producing a free individual electron but we cannot be sure yet.

Once we master method and appropriate protocols, we can expect plenty of surprises and this will be a whole new field of research all by itself..

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Denis M said...

This is amazing and amazingly scary all at once. . .