Thursday, May 5, 2016

Putin: Russia Warns It Will Restore Istanbul Back To Christianity

Nothing like freshening old historical wounds to confront a new enemy. Of course the real purpose is to make the Turkish leader think thice regarding his meddling in Syria.  Since Russia has also shown a willingness to send troops and to involve the Chinese as well, it is not mere bluster either.

Constantinople remains unfinished business with Eastern Christianity. Ongoing Turkish suppression of Christianity keeps it current.  The conflict did not end then as the Turks have maintained a culture of supremacy over non Islamic peoples that remains largely ongoing and has mostly destroyed a huge christian population through coercion.

They who are dead cannot vote.  Ask the Armenians.  They were Christians and the first Christians to make it a state religion long before Constantine.  Obviously their extermination by the Turks has never been explained as such.  To do so would have fueled a massive war on the Turks during the twentieth Century.

Turkey is keenly aware that they are hopelessly vulnerable to a United Europe marching south and has been playing nice during most of the twentieth Century.  Putin has just reminded them of just this.

Putin: Russia Warns It Will Restore Istanbul Back To Christianity

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to the government of Turkey, saying that if they do not leave Syria alone he will restore Istanbul to Christendom.

Addressing a delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Putin began by reiterating that nothing can severe the alliance Russia has with Ukraine, despite efforts by the ruling junta in Kiev.

“Rising neo-Fascism in Ukraine is like the infectious Gangrene which can spread across the European continent , and we, the people of the Russian Federation and descendents of the Soviet Union , we are determined to stop this plague,” Putin told the crowd.

“Should Turkey not stop supporting al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, I am indeed eager to end the job the late Tsar Nicholas II left unfinished. <During the World War I , He [Tsar] sought to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits but fate prevented him,” TASS Russian News Agency cited President Putin as saying on Saturday.

We also advocate Greek sovereignty over the Cyprus, added Putin, and call the Turkish regime to end its decades-long occupation of this Mediterranean island.

Referring to five-year-old Syrian crisis, Mr. Putin launched a scathing attack on Turkish president’s dreadful dreams of breathing life into dead Ottoman Empire by supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Iraq, saying prospects for a lasting cease-fire in Syria remains doubtful due to Ankara’s war-like agenda and its vicious alliance with Saudi Arabia.

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