Wednesday, November 26, 2008

XCore Plans Ticket Sales

I imagine we will see more of this in the press. But I am sure my readers likely care. This bird looks good to go and with the burst of private investment we are getting modern materials science applied to whole problem. We are now seriously overdue for a crash program to reengineer the shuttle program or a crash program to support an expanded version of one of these alternative birds.

We are a couple of steps away from been able to replicate the magnetic field exclusion lift system that UFO’s use, but still nowhere close to providing the energy. In the meantime, it would be a real break if we devised a smart strategy to use aerodynamic lift to get a hot engine on an easier trip above the atmosphere. We really do not need to be engineering through the first twenty miles or so if it can be avoided.

That gives me another idea. That post yesterday on the Pomare object cum nosecone.

It may be a fib but it got it all right. We need to follow up with a supply of money. That object can short circuit decades of painful research wit hard evidence. Anyone wish to back a real adventure? Contact me.

XCOR Aerospace to Announce Ticket Sales for Suborbital Space Flights

In a display of the power of competition, American entrepreneurs have broken the government monopoly on space travel, and succeeded in lowering the cost of space access before a single paying participant has taken a flight.

So, even if the overall economy may look down, the market for space tourism is looking up.

On Tuesday, December 2, XCOR Aerospace, builder of the 2-seat Lynx rocket-powered suborbital launch vehicle, is introducing its General Sales Agent for ticket sales and will announce a price that is substantially lower than prices quoted by leading competitors.

XCOR will introduce its new partner, a well-known and established travel entrepreneur with extensive experience in high-end adventure travel, who will outline the total Lynx flight experience, from initial screening, to training, and finally, the flight itself.

The first commercial Lynx suborbital space flight participant will also attend the conference, a European adventurer who aims to be the first person from his country to make a suborbital flight.

Three time shuttle pilot and commander, Col. Rick Searfoss (USAF-Ret) will describe the Lynx flight experience from the point of view of a test pilot and astronaut.

XCOR CEO Jeff Greason and COO Andrew Nelson will also attend. They will discuss design features that allow the Lynx to minimize its environmental impact: non-toxic propellants, clean-burning efficient engines, and a fully reusable system.

Chris Gilman, Founder and Chief Designer of Orbital Outfitters, a NASA spacesuit contractor, will join the press conference wearing the special spacesuit to be worn by all who fly aboard the Lynx. Gilman is also a renowned special effects expert who won an Academy Award for the "Cool Suit" climate control system used by actors in heavy costume.

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arclein said...

They are quoting $95,000 for a popup to the edge of space and are taking orders now