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Pleistocene Nonconformity Sequel and Rebirth

This posting is a sequel to my article posted a year ago last July titled Pleistocene Nonconformity. It is submitted for publication on Viewzone who published the original article.
I advise reading the original article first in order to refresh your understanding of the original conjectures.

The UFO Conjecture and Pleistocene Rebirth

This article is an update and sequel to the article named Pleistocene Nonconformity and expands on the consequences of that particular article.

It has become increasingly clear that a body of compelling and conforming evidence has emerged to support the following conjecture:

That fully modern humanity emerged in excess of forty thousand years ago. That humanity had thirty thousand years to fully replicate our present achievement that took us ten thousand years. That they did so.

They inhabited a world locked in a Northern Ice Age that limited his presence to the tropics and the coastal lowlands exposed by a sea level that was three hundred feet lower than today. All other areas were subjected to climate variation an order of magnitude more violent than we now experience and inhabited by hunter gatherers only.

They decided to migrate into space and to induce a crustal shift that effectively ushered in the Holocene and ended the Northern Ice age. This led to the Pleistocene Nonconformity. Appropriate cadres of hunter gathers were put in place to commence the process of terraforming this new world.

They have not interfered with this process, but have chosen to simply observe and to not disturb. Their presence has been noted through thousands of UFO sightings. This age is rather obviously on the verge of ending as we close in on their technical capabilities.

The evidence

What is a UFO?

It is a craft that is designed to operate in a magnetic field and possibly even produce one. Its working skin is a sandwich of single atomic layers that include a semiconductor cooling layer and a high temperature superconductor. We can actually do this in our labs now. Technical finesse will take a lot longer of course. This means that an activated skin sealing off the exterior will exclude the Earth’s magnetic field producing massive lift. Most likely, the larger the craft design is, the stronger the lift as total density drops. With this technology it becomes simple to leave the Earth’s gravity well and perhaps even selectively navigate in the solar system itself.
For my next trick we place a super conducting magnetic ring around the outside edge and use it to produce a directed pinched magnetic bottle steered in the direction desired. It is not that simple but you get the idea.

Therefore leaving the Earth becomes cheap and easy. It we had this technology tomorrow; we could move every human off planet inside a generation. We already know how and it will likely take us only another generation to create a working craft.

What is a Dyson Sphere?

It is a trivial matter to build an effective space habitation once man himself is modestly reengineered to prosper in the necessary environments. Everyone has heard of the Dyson sphere which is perhaps a step too far. The original idea espoused by Freeman Dyson was to create a monster shell that encompassed the sun and used up most of the Solar System with humanity living on the interior of the shell. I suspect that it is not really feasible in the first instance and that a modification to the idea is vastly superior.

We can simply inflate a balloon anchored to the ends of a central axis and spin it up around the axis to create a one gee acceleration at the equator. Cargo vessels can access this shell at an axis end (zero gravity) and material may then be lowered to the equator. A suspended multishell structure can be built from the equator inward, possibly occupying half to a third of the contained volume while maintaining useful gravity throughout. The outer wall can be readily thickened with additional balloon wall material and expansive foams that also bind the skins together forming stress skin panels. A spherical structure with a radius of 2000 feet could house a million individuals all living with ample Earth gravity and personal space. Ample room can exist in the lower gravity areas to develop a living ecology that can also cleanse the air.

The entire system is cable stayed and can be readily built out with very light and strong materials. We can build it today. Thousands could be built in the Asteroid Belt and never be noticed and with an efficient outer surface of nanosolar cells they would be a black as coal.

What is ET?

Of course we are now speculating but the form that has been purportedly observed over and over again is an entity with a larger head and skinny human like body without significant musculature. A pair of unusual eyes is also reported. These can all be explained as a sensible modification for living comfortably in space. A child like body is quite suitable for working in an environment that is often at gravity levels that is much less than one gee. The less muscle mass the less effort required to maintain that muscle mass. It only becomes a disadvantage if one wishes to work hard in full Earth gravity.

The large head is necessary to accommodate the larger demands made on the visual part of the brain by the obviously expanded eyes. These eyes are designed to observe over a much broader range of the spectrum which is surely a clear advantage for an individual living in space and possible working in the space environment directly.

Assuming that the eyes are manufactured and interfaced with the brain, it is then pretty apparent that transitioning from Earth Human to Space Human through a genetic modification most likely could be done in a single generation. That also suggests that the reverse is just as true.

Once the decision to evacuate Earth was made, it was likely accomplished inside a single generation, leaving behind the parents of the space generation or even taking a number with them. One gee gravity existed on the habitats and accommodation was easy.

Reshaping the Earth

It was then time to reshape and terraform the Earth. The first task was to shift the crust thirty degrees south alone a longitude passing through present day Hudson Bay. This event was the principle topic of my article on the Pleistocene Nonconformity.

That this event actually happened is completely evident from a number of facts that are discussed in that article. The weakness in the argument came from determining how it was induced in the first place. I was forced to postulate a relatively high latitude meteor strike as a possible and perhaps the only credible mechanism. The difficulty with that was that unless it was an incredibly lucky hit, life of earth would suffer a mass extinction. I was groping for evidence that must surely exist and would clarify the situation.

Another alternative was to propose that the ice mass had made the crust unstable and that it had moved several times before it got it right. I am not satisfied that there is any evidence to support that position and now think that we are dealing with a carefully directed impact. It is important to understand that the crust must move essentially along the Hudson Bay longitude, in order to end the ice age. This is the only way that the full force of the Gulf Stream can be turned on.

Knowing that, I was forced to look in a very small area for the appropriate impact, and I was looking for something big enough to satisfy my expectation of a random strike. Instead we got a sharp shooter that nailed it with the right weight in the best possible location. This eliminated cosmic luck.

We have now discovered that a meteor impacted just to the west of the then location of the North Pole at a steep angle into the mile thick ice cap in 12900 BCE. The direction was south east and the impact blasted rock into the Ohio valley and large masses of ice into the Carolinas. We have found diamonds that could have reached their locale in no other way.
There is also recent buzz that we may have found the impact crater. This can only be described as a bulls eye that minimized the size of the impact.

The heat from the blast incinerated North America so quickly that a charcoal layer was left behind in the event horizon.

The crust was thus unstuck and begin moving south with perhaps a slight rotational slowing to spread out the final stresses. Braking was perhaps applied as the Indian Subcontinent and South America came off their respective equatorial bulges applying local compressive forces along the center of movement. The compressive stress may have been relieved by fresh mountain building in the Himalayas and the Andes since these were the primary areas of crustal weakness.

Massive tsunamis ravaged the coastal plains worldwide. It is reasonable to project extensive seismic activity as the crustal movement took place over perhaps several days. This would have released a fair bit of volcanic activity besides. The impact itself was remote from the tropics sparing them from the worst of the initial shock wave. However it appears at this time that the large animals out on the plains of Siberia were felled, perhaps by that shock wave or from the passage shock wave of the meteor. We have snippets of evidence that is otherwise impossible but put together create this coherent story.

Once the crust settled down and perhaps after the environment had begun to properly recover, the Earth was settled with a few cadres of hunter gatherers in a number of locales around the globe. Perhaps many such actually rode out the event itself. It seems reasonable though that some groups were also provided with a head start on some useful crops avoiding a long period of chancy empirical development. Further intervention appears also likely if the cultural record is interpreted correctly.

At some point is was all completely self sustaining and clearly running itself and no further intervention was necessary. More recently, intense observation appears to have become necessary generating the spat of sightings over the past sixty years. This appears coincidental with the onslaught of the nuclear age and our early enthusiasm for testing. I have always felt that the whole UFO phenomenon is a scientific sampling program focused on humanity as subjects. We can only speculate as to purpose.

If it is a sampling program and general data collection initiative, then it also make sense and sound practice to have agents embedded within the population. They certainly have all the tools necessary to land a human being on Earth and to support his efforts without us ever knowing. That means that they also tap into the internet and can now gather all the raw data they want.

Thus once you accept the existence of the Pleistocene Nonconformity and recognize that it was impossible unless it was intentional, you are led inexorably to accepting a living involvement with humanity in the here and now. We are also given a great genesis for all the legends and myths that have come down to us.

This also clarifies the mission of humanity. Our task is to terraform the Earth which has become a primary theme of my blog.

Through over a year of daily posting and related investigation, I have uncovered a range of agricultural protocols that will transform the planet into a verdant ecosystem that will support human populations at least an order of magnitude greater than the present. The most transformative is the use of biochar to quickly manufacture soil anywhere inside of a generation. Of equal importance will be the use of standalone atmospheric solar water harvesters to water any patch of earth anywhere. The rest is simple back work and an appreciative mind.


That then leaves us with the other great cosmic coincidence discussed at length in my article Pleistocene Nonconformity. That was the recent emergence of Venus from Jupiter as witnessed by the persistent red spot.
That it was a recent event is assured by the fact that the atmospheric temperature is still that of cooling magma. The greenhouse explanation is and was convenient only and clearly open to alternatives. The initial difficulty was that it was way too coincidental to believe that over several billions of years that it should just happen on our watch.

Yet it did. And obviously it was helped. Now I do not think that our cosmic engineers had to move a volume or rock the size of Venus. More likely ninety percent was already in place and waiting for the final straw. The temptation to create a sister planet was just too much for space human.
Sensibly they very likely did this about the same time that the crustal shift on Earth was engineered just in case of accidents. That suggests that Venus is almost fifteen thousand years old which I am more comfortable with in view of the long damping program necessary to circularize its orbit.

Essentially we have twin planet waiting for us to terraform. We will need to get out into the Kuiper Belt and nudge a great deal of both water and methane into an intersecting orbit. It should not be a very difficult trick.

The water will penetrate miles into the surface rocks of Venus, speeding the contained heat up to the surface until a balance is reached between boiling point and pressure. The atmosphere will also be saturated as huge amounts of incoming ice is melted and turned to steam. If we are lucky the incoming ice will be sufficient to absorb most of this heat without us having to wait for the surplus to be radiated of into space.

Once the temperature has stabilized it is a simple matter to introduce the necessary lifeforms to bring down the carbon in the carbon dioxide and the methane and to produce oxygen. This planet will surely start almost with a carboniferous age. Once breathing is possible it will be easy for humanity to quickly create working soils and derivative ecosystems. Any given patch of land should be within the ability of one person in a single lifetime.

It is hard to suggest time frames for Venus since we not clear on the time needed to bombard the planet or to cool it down, but I suspect that two lifetimes are ample. I estimate that it would take a lifetime of concentrated effort to finish the job on Earth.

We have integrated the mysterious phenomenon of the UFO into our human reality with this conjectured alternative human history and have resolved a number of unrecognized anomalies. Our eyes are now opened and we can see without been blind. There may be another better conjecture and some day we will have history, but for fifty years we have had neither.

For forty years, I lacked a physically possible explanation for the UFO craft itself. That was resolved for me in the lab work published over the past year. The demonstrations of capability have been made. We only need to energize it and we can do that with a battery in the early going.

ET may be a space faring alien from elsewhere. But then why does he care about us? Besides, I am really uncomfortable in terms of ever achieving a method of producing directed worm holes that can take us across the universe. I think that the equivalent of quantum worm holes will exist allowing the transmission of information. I am simply not so sanguine over anything larger been ever invented.

We are left with the challenge of determining how to actually test the veracity of our hypothesis. The crustal shift idea which got this all going is in many ways the easiest to test and prove out as much as such can because there will be predictable geological anomalies to uncover and delineate. The best evidence will have been destroyed as a result of the three hundred foot rise in the sea level, but we can still expect anomalies perhaps tied to locales in which the ground was up lifted. It was in this manner that the idea of continental drift resolved a massive amount of previously unexplained geology. This will not be as all encompassing but it will still work. Remember that there are huge numbers of geologists with the relevant information in their files that merely need to be recognized. They merely need to start looking.

We still have a lot of work to do before we can replicate the skin of a UFO, but it certainly is well started today, even if the researchers do not understand what they have discovered. Producing a first working prototype will utterly silence the naysayers of the UFO phenomenon and likely convince everyone that this conjecture is possible right.

Then we would like to find evidence of a modern technological age from around 15,000 years ago. This is a different challenge almost certainly made more difficult by the likelihood that our predecessors cleaned up before they left Earth. They needed all the metals and like us soon learned to mine all their waste tips.

Their civilization was based on the coastal plains which were slowly inundated by the sea with the natural result of utterly destroying any evidence. Even the soils were destroyed, so unless it is possible to locate a strata buried by the initial tsunami without wrecking the soil, we are not going to find 15,000 year old terra preta. And if we did it would not be evidence of an advanced civilization.

Since they were setting the stage for a complete rebirth of modern civilization from the ground up, they certainly made sure that real evidence was missing. We are looking instead for randomly lost tools and the like that are discovered just as randomly. We may even have stuff like that whose significance is not understood.
That really leaves only one place in which to look that would support the existence of a modern civilization 15,000 years ago. That is the remnants of large mined out deposits up in the hills. These are tough to find and recognize but it is exactly what our geological folk have been doing for years. And such evidence will be first identified as the nonerosional removal of mineral and perhaps the displacement of waste.

I think that the geologists will enjoy exploring the limits of this conjecture.

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