Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Extraordinary Pomare Disc

This is an extraordinary report that lands hard on the heels of my article posted a few days ago.


In that report I ask the question ‘what is an UFO’ and answer that question in light of very recent advances in physics.

I then went searching for a specific type of evidence, having seen a sniff of it before in other reports.

Instead, I hit the jack pot. Please read this article on the Pomare Disc.


You have to wade through to the end of the article to find the most important information. The material shows twelve visible layering’s in the edge. As important, the outside layer is obviously graphene. What else could you use to conduct current and magnetic fields on the outside skin of a magnetic field exclusion bottle? The inner skin is an inert metallic element or alloy. The observations suggest an amorphous metallic alloy that may include gold. This is an area of research that is just starting to evolve.

The structure itself is surely the top or bottom of a UFO and is the equivalent to our nosecone. That it was found in the sea suggests that the craft may have failed in the vicinity and is worth scouting for. It does not seem likely that a craft using magnetic bottles for propulsion and magnetic exclusion for lift would be very airworthy missing any part of its skin.

It is conceivable that this story is a hoax and I am sure that the press will slander anyone associated with it. Except that the possibility of graphene did not exist months ago let alone thirty years ago and it is only now that we have enough physics to predict a layered skin and to understand its importance. I have no doubt that this article is genuine and represents our first major UFO component in hand.

This is an extremely important find and must be brought into a proper environment for study and data sharing.

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Unknown said...

We are very interested in this topic, but where you say "Instead, I hit the jack pot. Please read this article on the Pomare Disc."

The link goes to a picture of the Voynich Manuscript?