Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nanosolar Ships First Megawatt

A short note here catches us up on the activities of Nanosolar. While I do not understand the media silence on this major story, I do notice that plenty of folks are awake and tracking this story. Of course my readers have followed me with several stories that have steadily broken into the mainstream.

These suckers are about to be installed on a serious facility and will be beyond question or dispute. I suspect that we will see an IPO in the spring. Why lose any of this news?

Flexible solar cells!

Posted on November 22nd, 2008 by Phalgun Shenoy

It is heard that Nanosolar has started shipping its flexible thin-film solar cells, meeting its own deadline and marking a milestone for alternative solar-cell materials, that the first megawatt of its solar panels will be used as part of a power plant in eastern Germany! The company has developed a process to print solar cells made out of copper indium gallium selenide, a combination of elements believed to be an alternative to silicon. Owing to the high price of silicon, most companies are making thin film cells from copper indium gallium selenide, but it is stated that many have run into technical problems.

Solar energy would be significantly cheaper than fossil fuel and this is said to be attributable to the manufacturing process the company has developed and that eventually the company would be able to deliver solar electricity for less than a dollar per watt !

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