Thursday, April 20, 2017

Truck Driver Approached By Armed Reptilian

The narrative surrounding the reptilians makes them the first intelligent life form to arise on Earth. 

They are not alien at all and obviously enjoy fresh meat from time to time. This item essentially confirms all that rather completely. We have a solo operator, likely against the rules taking advantage of his craft and independence to harvest game at night.

The interaction did not go as expected for him as he got a dose of his own medicine when the driver hit him in the eyes with his light. Almost funny.

The reptilians are as well equipped as we are and are likely to make good neighbors if it ever comes to that. They do exhibit Earth like aggressiveness much too easily. Yet they operate a civilization that is technological.

They are Earth evolved and preferentially nocturnal which is no surprise. The population is presently all underground which is sound sense as well. We will likely opt to create working Refugia in the same manner.

I have come to accept that this is even possible as more and better eyeball reports come in. Selective disclosure has happened in the form of long reports that had to be deliberately salted. I also suspect actual cooperation may exist with our military. If not, then they are not starting anything

Truck Driver Approached By Armed Reptilian

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Robert Ballard spoke in a Youtube video about what he had encountered outside Yuma, Arizona in 2002:

“I'm Robert Ballard. I'm up in Lancaster, California. I'm a Vietnam veteran. I was in NATO for six years in Germany. After the military I went to truck driving school and became a truck driver for 20 years. This incident happened the last year I was driving a truck. It happened on May 7, 2002 at approximately 4:30 in the morning on Interstate 8 exit 140 in Arizona. I just picked up a load of produce in Yuma, Arizona. I left Yuma, Arizona and I had to take a whizz. So I pulled off the road and stopped at exit 140 on Interstate 8. I pulled off the exit ramp there and I had my high beams on and I noticed a figure to the left side of the exit ramp, a tall dark figure on the left side of the exit ramp, so I went to the right side of the exit ramp, slowed down, stopped and turned off my headlights. I could see a large humanoid figure standing there holding a carcass of some sort in its hand. It dropped the carcass on the ground, turned around and looked at me for 4 or 5 seconds and then started walking over towards my truck. I said, Holy F***! I locked the door on my truck. Made sure it was locked and it was approaching the window of my truck. It stopped about 2 feet from the window of my truck. Its head was as high as the window of my truck. I'm driving a conventional so the window is about 7 feet off the ground. The head of this being was slightly above the head of the window. So it had to be at least 7 feet tall, 7 foot 2. That vicinity.

So I reached up and grabbed my camera out of the storage department and turned the camera towards the window and it was looking at me through the window. Just as I was moving the camera over, it turned on a bright light right at my face. It was so bright I couldn't look at it, so I took my camera and flashed a picture at it. The being, creature, stepped back as if slightly startled for a second. Then it kinda gave me an oddball grinning expression, looked at me a couple more seconds, turned its head and when it turned its head, I got a real good look at its profile, of its skull and head and it had started walking away along the left front of my truck.

As it was walking away, I turned on my headlights and I got a real good look at its backside and its legs and then I saw what it was walking towards. At that time, the sun was starting to peek out over the top of the mountains. There was enough light that I could see a large black object sitting in an empty parking lot next to the exit ramp. It walked up to the large black object. It just disappeared inside. I didn't see how it got inside. Then I turned on my spotlight, I could see some of the texture of the outside of this - it looked like the side wall of a tomb is what it looked like. Then it started to rise up off the ground. Made no sound. It got up about 10 to 15 feet above the ground. The vehicle vetted out some red stuff. I could see red stuff shooting out from the back and sides. Then I could see it was a triangle shape. I could see underneath it and it had three tiny marker lights on each corner of the triangle, dull red light in the middle. It accelerated away and was out of sight in about 3 seconds. When it had rose up, it was silhouetted against the morning sun. It was making the sky bright enough to see it was a triangle shaped vehicle. I had never seen anything like it.

So what happened is, I waited about 5 minutes when I knew the being and the vehicle was gone. I unlocked the door. I had my camera with me. I had 5 pictures left on the camera. Got out of the truck and walked across the street of the exit ramp to see what this being had dropped on the side of the exit ramp and when I got over there I shined the flashlight on it. I was surprised that it was a carcass of some kind. Looking at the hooves, I could tell it was a deer. The deer's head was bit clean off and it had discolored fur around its neck. The inside of the deer, the chest cavity, was all completely removed. Its internal organs were all ripped out to the back of the spine. The internal cavity was burned out.”

NOTE: He goes on to say that for a couple of months afterwards, he would travel back and forth from New York to Yuma and would observe similar looking deer and animal carcasses along that same exit ramp. He photographed all of them.


Chumgrinder said...

Useless. Half the quoted article is buried under the ads in the right-hand column.

Factotum said...

Now that everyone and their dog has a camera with them 24/7 there are no more UFO's or aliens being reported, or anything that one could call outside the normal.

1. Those creatures are camera shy
2. They are now using invisibility cloaks / devices
3. We have been quarantined
4. The previous stories were some combination of fabrication, delusion, psychosis, drug use etc. etc.

My money is on 4. Occhams razor and all that sorta thing