Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Silent 'Men in Black' Appear at Campsite


 This report is important.  The source is reliable and the information conforms to reports made years later.  Thus at the absolute beginnings of our awareness of the UFO phenomena, MIBs show up.  I had not expected this as all other reports arose during the nineties.

This allows us to simply discard any human genesis at all.  We are dealing with aliens running around in disguise that mostly allows successful interaction on earth.  Let us leave it at that and note that the numbers seem to be fairly significant.  Likely thousands but then likely using human housing which allows a wide distribution.

Reptilians are typically too robust but these may be a smaller version..


Silent 'Men in Black' Appear at Campsite

 Thursday, March 30, 2017

Martha in Santa Cruz, California called in to Coast to Coast AM to describe something her father encountered when he went camping:

“I listened to your show last week and you were talking about Men in Black. I'm telling you, my father had a story all throughout my life. This was early 50s when this happened and he later went into a very high level of law enforcement. He was a policeman at the time and he actually saw a UFO and it was in the paper. We kept that. He was looking up into the sky with this other policeman and he said it was huge. Just huge. The pivotal story is and I'm thinking now it was connected...that I didn't realize what he'd seen shortly after, connected. And I did not connect it with the Men in Black either.

He and his buddies went up into the mountains to fish. This was about six months later. And they were around the fire. He said it was about 11 o'clock at night. And he said literally out of the bushes and trees, these two Men in Black, like funeral black, walked up to the fire and he said the weird thing was they had dark glasses on. When he started telling the story I was about five years old and I'm 68 now. He said they were very pale, long hands and he poked his buddy as he pointed down...there was dust everywhere, but their shoes weren't dusty. He said it was the creepiest thing. They didn't speak to them. Very tall, very pale, he said, not monstrous looking but strange looking, and they didn't speak at all. They were there about maybe 15 minutes in front of the fire and then they turned and they walked into the bush. He said, I think they disappeared but I don't know, but it was just strange. But he said, We looked at each other and there was this sense of foreboding, of evil, and he said, Let's get the heck out of here, and they left.

(George Knapp, the host, asks her to clarify the time this event happened and when her father first told her the story) I was 5 or 6 when it happened (1954) and it was probably in my teens, about ten years later, and he would tell people. He didn't know what it was. He's been dead about ten years. (Knapp asks if they said anything) They didn't say a word, they just stood there looking at them.”

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