Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dark Matter Identified and Described


I will not share all the details yet, but this weekend I was able to clarify the nature of so called dark matter. It is not the neutral neutrino either, though that was my first conjecture. The neutral neutrino has no gravitational effect on its own and this limits its effect except to been part of the content of the universe, but not one measured readily through our means.

A simple experiment revealed the truth and will now lead to important devices. Thus there will be no disclosure yet.  I am reporting this here to establish time and place.

It turns out to be very surprising and a challenge to simulate on a computer.

The even better news is that we can work with it and manipulate it and are already doing so.  There is still plenty to learn of course and for now we will build data.  I am going to really need a budget for scientific tools.

It was not directly predicted by theory as yet because that needs computer power i do not have.  However the theory made it immediately recognizable.  Having a successful theoretical framework makes it easy.

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