Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts on the Antichrist

One of the hardest things for a citizen to understand is the objective nature of the culture he is a part of.  We in the West are as guilty of this as anyone anywhere. Outsiders observe the externalities of the culture but are rarely made intimate to the internal workings.  From that conflicts will naturally emerge that are mostly innocent.

We in the West live in a Christian culture that continues to be in formed by centuries of thinking on moral issues and related custom.  The only significant change that has occurred in the past century is that a lesser proportion of the population accepts the divinity of Christ.  Yet in terms of custom and moral codes that is irrelevant.  A divine is unnecessary to establish a natural code of conduct for our society as any Jesuit will be happy to prove.

Even communism simply adopted the code in place while attempting to make the State the divinity.  It was at its heart, a Christian heresy.

The Orient is informed by the teachings of Buddha in particular and this framework was arguably the foundation for the original teachings of Christ.  Again the divine aspect of these teachers are accepted less in our secular world while the moral teachings continue to inform social behavior.

The sole significant exception is Islam.  Its code of conduct is informed as a codification and exultation of barbarism at the heart of its scriptures.  It is no accident that the devout Taliban imposed abject slavery on all women within their society.  Our difficulty is that we cannot comprehend the warping of one’s mind that this achieves.

Recall the bright young boys in the Hitler youth who freely sacrificed their lives in the dying year of the Second War never breaking faith with their fuehrer. We know that if you are properly indoctrinated as a child that this is the natural outcome.  The majority will never rise above this.

I want my readers to understand a fundamental fact of Islam.  It eschews a moral code.  It is not a moral code at all.  It is indoctrination to submit to the authority of the prophet and his earthly minions.  Logical questioning is redirected to outright hatred of those who are infidels.  The recipient of this indoctrination may have faith in God but that was always secondary to the doctrine of submission. 

Yet the prophet in his actions is a consummate barbarian warlord whose excesses were awful and do not properly inform a civilized society.  He is the seventh century version of Hitler, Stalin and Mao, all of whom were informed by his methods.  We have yet to fully recover form the systems established by these three.

Hitler’s religion had to be extracted root and bough at the point of a gun.  Then it essentially withered in the face of economic prosperity and is today almost extinct.

Stalin’s religion collapsed economically and its remnants are presently withering in North Korea and Cuba.
Mao’s religion has expired in the face of rising overwhelming prosperity and is today an uncomfortable and brittle overlay on a society that is restoring traditional Confuciusist ethics or alternately similar doctrines including Christianity and Buddhism.

The Islamic religion merely has longevity as its raison d’ĂȘtre.  It is a doctrine that is a state based system as well as a presumed religion as are the other three.  Our error in the West is to write our expectations of our religious framework onto the forms of Islam.

We cannot imagine that adherents of this doctrine want to kill us and enslave our wives and children and think that this is right because we disagree with them and their right to do so.  Few may in fact be so vile, yet those that are find support in their scriptures for exactly this behavior and no one opposes them.  Once the rock starts rolling downhill, no Muslim will or can stand in its way.

The religion continues to shield abusive behavior among immigrants to the West and to indoctrinate their children with what is in our understanding immoral behavior and attitudes.

The hardest thing that Americans needed to overcome was their heritage of racism.  It is still not complete because it is difficult.  A parent has grown up believing and maintaining a set of racist beliefs.  It is in his daily language. This his child naturally adopts and unless social pressure is brought to bear, the parent will not correct his child when he parrots his parent.  Is it any wonder that these attitudes still linger?

All ethnic groups have a bit of that and parents must be careful in correcting the natural simplistic logic of these beliefs.  It is one thing to be proud of you heritage, it is quite another to hate the people living in the village down the road.

Understanding that the underlying barbarous doctrine of Islam is part of a child’s early education also informs us of what must happen to resolve these conflicts.

The victims are powerless to halt the process but the west is far from powerless.  It merely needs the will.  Explaining this need is difficult not because of the need but our own willingness to forgive.

The underlying doctrine of Christianity is remarkably simple.  It is that you must respect your neighbor to even showing love.  Many find this hard to choke down but that is what we teach our children.  It is sufficient that this is the expected conduct, even when the actions of a neighbor force a more severe response.

The opposite of this doctrine is also very simple.  You shall hate your neighbor.  That is the doctrine of barbarism and all the aforementioned ideologies. It is, to attach a mystic symbolism, the doctrine of the Antichrist.  For that reason, devotees of Islam imbibe a poisonous brew of hatred of Jews and Christians from childhood on.  Apologists attempt to cloud this reality but that is a lie from a culture that accepts that it is morally acceptable to lie to a non believer in order to get under his guard.

The great challenge faced down by the modern west has been this ideology of hatred however packaged.  In western mystical terms hatred is the true doctrine of the Antichrist.  Wherever such hatred is exposed we must confront it and root it out. 

We have had victory over both Nazism and Communism.  We have largely freed their victims.  The cost of Nazism and Fascism was the death of millions.  The cost of Communism was two generations of enslavement for tens of millions.

Islam has enslaved its populations for centuries.  Their doctrines continue to economically strangle their societies.  Yet the doctrine remains so seductive that victims continue to be entrapped by it while living in the west.  It is not changing unless it is confronted with its shame and made to adopt western liberal policies and the language of hatred is expunged from their scriptures in the same way we do not tolerate the promotion of Mein Kampf.

We today have a chronic war against radical Islam that they can sustain if nothing changes for thousands of years.  There will always be ignorant horny young boys to recruit and brainwash and send into the fight.

It can all end by confronting the Islamic States with simple demands and ensuring their imposition.

            That religious instruction be removed from the formal education process.

That the incitement of hatred be removed from all scriptural and Islamic literature.

That all children participate in the education process.

That all religions have unfettered right to teach their doctrines.

It is time to stop treating Islam like it is a religion only.  It is also a State building ideology that also promotes hatred and war.  There may be a peaceful religious life way to be discovered and honored within Islam, but it will not emerge under the flags of hate.

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