Monday, February 23, 2009

Biological Gravity Plausibly Observed

I took the trouble to catch up on my backlog on unread material one weekend and came across this article by Grebenniko describing the Cavity Structural Effect. It is very important and is to date totally misunderstood. I then forgot to post it, but we will remedy this now.



The article is very long but is a very empirical description of the process of discovery and his sharing of the evidence and his successful experiments. I needed to work through it twice to come to a proper understanding of what it was that I had just read.

I advise readers to jump past the introduction and go straight into the first part of the text. You need to trust his approach before you move on to the wilder stuff. Then go back and read the rest.

Centuries of scholarship has given us electro magnetic force, clearly associated with the interplay of electrons and protons, it has given us gravity associated with the total particle count and so far nothing else, and forces internal to atomic structure.

Suddenly we are confronted with an effect associated with the cellular structure of material that we are able to biologically sense. Yet no other measuring device is able to detect any such effect. Also, the zone of influence appears related to the apparent geometry. This is actually good news, because it tells me we do not have to go looking for a new force of nature. We are biologically detecting the fine structure of gravitational force. In fact my own readings regarding curious phenomena inform me that we have seen and misunderstood this forever. Regrettably it is a weak sensation and is easily just confounding, as the author came close to been in this case. How easy to just walk away.

My recently submitted paper on a new metric to Physics Essays makes this interpretation obvious and actually implies geometric structure of this nature. We just had no way to measure it and still do not.

For clarity gravity is directly proportional to the particle count contributing to the sum force and must be affected by macroscopic geometry. We have always ignored the possibility and inevitability of fine structure gravity because we could not measure it. That never meant that it failed to exist or that one day we might measure it. It actually makes great sense that a single cell animal be able to sense local gravity variation while suspended in a fluid. Ask a simple question. Does such a cell understand up and down in a test tube? We get disoriented in a neutral gravity situation but that is likely because other cues are overriding our senses.

In fact we still have no great way to measure gravity to this day. That is why Grebenniko was unable to measure any effects even when everyone could pass his hand about an active object and sense changes.

He goes on to discuss additional experiments with manipulating gravity directly taking his lead from his observations alone. That this was possible is more than I could predict safely from my theoretical work but was open to speculation. He claims in his paper that he has made it work and for now we do not need to go there at all.

It is enough that he has identified repeatable phenomena and shared it with all and sundry. This is good science that must be cheered.

This is the first convincing report of biological management of gravity that I have come across and it puts the topic into testable status that can be repeated by anyone, once we get access to the underlying protocols and perhaps a hint at what insects to chase with our butterfly nets.

He reports that he went on to produce a device that manipulated gravity and allowed him to travel above the ground. This is obviously very promising.

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