Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Impossible Phenomena

This month, I have been confronted with two impossible phenomena. The first impossible phenomenon was a theropod living in a swamp in Northern Australia with an existence probability greater than zero. It is a smaller version of tyrannosaurus rex but that possibly reflects only the fact that we are seeing juveniles and that given the chance and the years, a bigger version becomes possible because it likely keeps growing if the habitat allows it. Recall that its contemporaries do not obviously age out the way we do.

The second impossible phenomenon was that a skilled entomologist had picked up on the fact that biology is sensitive to gravity and biota can sense and manipulate material structures to beneficiate the effect. This led him to a real device that also manipulated gravity.

This last is rather good news. If it is possible to sense gravity, it is possible to manipulate gravity. There may be many years between the two events, as was very true for electricity whose discovery exited Benjamin Franklin and whose exploitation excited Tesla and Edison one century later. Today we think we understand it.

These impossibilities are straight out of bad science fiction, yet they must be considered. When you invoke biology, I am always receptive. The reason is that biology has discovered and exploited every law of nature and any we do not understand.

In fact, if a new phenomenon is ever presented, I want to see it show up biologically before I support it.

Both these phenomena will shake science up. And science is very much due for a firm kick in the pants. It has become far too easy to hide behind your specialty and maintain the pretense of having an important opinion on anything outside that specialty without bothering to do any of the basic homework.

I admit that it took my establishing a proper protocol and language for handling phenomena properly to loosen my own blinders. That makes it easy for me to perceive when researchers are out of line. That methodology is central to my book Paradigms shift which I will make available in eBook format shortly now that an effective system is up and running.

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