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Shed-like tiny house embraces rural off-grid living

in case you are missing it, tiny houses are going through a huge wave of invention and fabrication, just like the automobile back in the early Twentieth century.

since all forms of urban living demands a land charge premium running at even several times the cost of housing, this has opened up a huge business opportunity.  All that is needed is to set standards and through in a government value guarantees and the whole world will start shifting at speed.

We are already accepting small highrise appartments and giving up large furnishings ,so the market is well prepared for this.

If you have a car or scooter or bicycle  then having a tiny home any place becomes feasible.  And yes it is becoming practical to live off grid.  Particularly when your EV becomes the household power source as well and a recharge takes place at work.

My main point though is that this makes rural living highly practical without giving up modernity. Now imagine setting up a dozen stations on your entry lane on your farm and away you go.

Shed-like tiny house embraces rural off-grid living

February 14, 2024

The Long Shed costs around £135,000 (US$170,000), depending on options chosen

Scotland's Echo recently completed a new tiny house named the Long Shed. Featuring a fully off-the-grid setup, the dwelling connects to the outside with a large sliding glass door and deck, and sports an open layout inside, all arranged on one floor.

The Long Shed is based on a triple-axle trailer. It has a length of 10.7 m (35 ft) and a width of 3.15 m (10 ft). Due to its large dimensions and UK towing laws, the model shown was transported to its rural site on the back of a large truck and then towed into position. An Echo representative told us that a road-towable version should also be possible.

The exterior is finished in corrugated tin with a rubberized coating and is defined by its generous glazing. However, it can also be totally closed up using sliding shutters when not in use, making it resemble a simple agricultural shed. Visitors enter the home through a stowable gangway and rear entrance, plus a deck next to the large sliding door offers some additional outdoor living space.

Its 28 sq m (roughly 300 sq ft) of floorspace is arranged around an open plan living area clad in unfinished timber. A wood-burning stove provides interior heat. A kitchen is nearby and includes a two-burner propane-powered stove, oven, fridge, sink, and cabinetry.

The Long Shed's open interior is warmed by a wood-burning stove

Next to the kitchen is the bathroom, which is divided into a separate space for a shower and another for a composting toilet, with a sink in between the two. The room hosting the composting toilet has been carefully designed to maximize airflow and reduce any potential odor.

There's just one bedroom in the Long Shed, which has ample headroom to stand upright and includes a bed and yet another access point – a stable-style door.

The Long Shed gets all required power from four roof-mounted 415-W solar panels and two 12-V batteries. Some 725 liters (191 gal) of water is also stored in tanks to feed the water heater, taps and shower.

The Long Shed's kitchen includes a two-burner propane-powered stove, oven, fridge, sink, and cabinetry


The Long Shed model is available for sale at a cost of around £135,000 (US$170,000), depending on options chosen.

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