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A Feared Ex-General Appears Set to Become Indonesia’s New Leader

These items are always fun to read through, and i must say that this chap looks like a fine replacement for Suharto.

Recall that when Suharto replaced Sukarno on the then heels of a full on Communist takeover, he rounded up said communist and had them executed forthwith.  This was around 250,000 individuals. The only comparable was the north korean takeover a few years earlier and of course the russians and chinese.  It is worth noting that the north vietnamese switched to reeducation camps and avoided killing thousands for which we had no prior Communist precedent.

They have not had a similar chance since then.

So this is actually welcome news and places indonesia outside the NWO.  Their economic trajectory also looks just fine as well.  They are actually a very lucky country, having a huge population, huge oil reserves and a pragmatic government and their own very tame version of Islam. and I have actually been there back in the late 80's.  The actual geographical extent compares to the continental USA..

A Feared Ex-General Appears Set to Become Indonesia’s New Leader

Prabowo Subianto was ejected from the military on accusations of rights abuses. Now, he is projected to win the country’s presidency outright in the first round. ™

Rebuttal By

For "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times to drive "outside of its lane" and attempt to decipher the ins and outs of the populous far away Asian island nation of Indonesia is a manuever fraught with peril. Superficial observations on such a new subject must be handled carefully. It is for the arrogant and ignorant retards of the talking head crowd to spout off on subjects they know little about as if they had properly studied them, from all angles, for many years. Such superficial foolishness is not for us philosphers to engage in. 

However, when it comes to a subject which RN&H / ANYT is expert at understanding -- in this case, recognizing and decoding Globalese code language -- the "board" will now say, with absolute certainty, that what is now taking place in Indonesia represents a bit of good news with positive implications for the whole world, including the United States. 

The NWO, which has already lost control of so many nations, is losing Indonesia too. How the heck do we know this? It's elementary, boys and girls, elementary. Just look for the "tells," as they say in poker parlance. Look for the "tells." Today's ANYT is as much a lesson about decoding "Globalese" as it is a news report. Let's examine the Slimes article.

Some simple "decoding" reveals that Indonesia has just freed itself from the crumbling New World Order.

Slimes: Indonesia’s defense minister, a feared former general Globalese to English Translation: "Feared former general" = anti-Marxist military patriot. 

Slimes: who was removed from the army after he was found responsible for the kidnapping of political dissidents Globalese to English Translation: "Kidnapping of political dissidents" = detaining of internal CIA assets 

Slimes: ... (will) win the presidential election ..... casting doubts on the future of one of the world’s most vibrant democracies.Globalese to English Translation: "vibrant democracy" = a country run by bought & paid-for political whores. 

Slimes: Indonesia — the world’s third-largest democracy — will be left with a president who was barred from entering the United States ........ Globalese to English Translation: "barred from entering the United States" = a nationalist patriot who doesn't take marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Slimes: ...... because of his human rights record Globalese to English Translation: "Human rights" = the "right" of internal traitors to subvert their government 

Slimes: ..... and who was long associated with Indonesia’s former dictator...Globalese to English Translation: "Dictator" = a man with balls big enough to say, "F-off!" to the New World Order crowd. 

Slimes: The era of liberty that followed the ouster of Suharto..... Globalese to English Translation: "Era of liberty" = the days when Indonesia was under the thumb of "the usual suspects." 

Slimes: .... critics say, could now be under threat .... Globalese to English Translation: "Critics say" = the cherry-picked internal traitors and the "foreign policy experts" say.

1. Bathhouse Barry (who lived in Indonesia as a child before his communist skank of a mother dumped him on his grandparents in Hawaii) had the TPP Trade Scam, with Indonesian membership, all set up and ready to go, but Commander Trump killed it on Day 1 of his presidency. // 

2. General Subianto -- once an international "pariah" -- will now be president. // 

3. The "critics" in Indonesia (libtards) aren't happy about this.

Slimes: Indonesia is one of the world’s top producers of coal..... that means it will have a major bearing on the future of the climate change crisis, as well.Globalese to English Interpretation: The big bad general ain't down with the Climate Con! 

Slimes: In the past, Indonesia’s declining democracy Globalese to English Translation: "Declining democracy" = a slow process of national liberation 

Slimes: ... has been closely related to the suppression of civil liberties. Globalese to English Translation: "Suppression of civil liberties" = the monitoring and arresting of internal traitors working for the CIA (or Mossad). 

Slimes: Indonesia is an important outlier in a region where the will of the people is often ignored. Globalese to English Translation: "Will of the people" = Demands of the "spontaneous" rent-a-mobs hired by Soros and friends. 

Slimes: ....was involved in the abduction and torture ... Globalese to English Translation: "Abduction and torture" = proper arrest and standard interrogation. 

Slimes: ... of pro-democracy activists. Globalese to English Translation: "Pro-democracy activists" = violent Marxist revolutionaries. 


Ever notice how they always whine about "democracy" being in danger when a "democratic" election doesn't go their way? Why is that? Once one comes to learn the code language, the Slimes articles become quite useful; for in the process of lying, they are unwitttingly giving us the truth. 

Indonesia appears to have now also escaped from the NWO plantation. Best wishes to its 270 million people!

1. The country of islands has has long been coveted, attacked and divided by the Globalist Mafia. / 
2. The very suspicious Tsunami of 2004 killed 167,000 people in predominately Muslim Indonesia. / 
3. The country of islands has got a lot of potential.

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