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Israel’s Rafah Ground Invasion – Zionist War Against Islam Is About to Explode

It would be nice to know the truth, but that remains a scarce commodity.  The whole setup looks like a planned operation to eliminate military units of Hamas and plausibly resettle all civilians after any other option is made impossible.

That may well mean establishment of new communities throughout the West bank which is under effective israeli control.  I  bring that up because the outright geographical elimination of Gaza makes sense.

that has a chance to even work and likely makes the warrior state concept go away.  At that point the Israel egyptian border is nicely settled.

Israel’s Rafah Ground Invasion – Zionist War Against Islam Is About to Explode

Global Research, February 13, 2024

The deadliest ever Israeli bombardment by land, sea and air on Rafah, Gaza Strip’s southernmost border city, took place while America was sidetracked with Superbowl Sunday festivities. On Sunday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on ABC News “This Week” to announce:

Victory is within reach. We’re going to do it. We’re going to get the remaining Hamas terrorist battalions in Rafah, which is the last bastion, but we’re going to do it.

Then overnight on Monday February 12th, anywhere from over 100 to 164 Palestinians were reportedly murdered by Israeli attacks. International alarm and condemnation of the Israeli hardline government is growing by the day.

Simultaneously accompanied by IDF airstrikes, offshore IDF ship launched assaults and IDF artillery attacks from inside Israel, an IDF special forces operation launched an incursion in Rafah during the early morning hours Monday local time to rescue two Israeli hostages in Rafah, with initial reports stating 37 Palestinians were killed. At the same time Israeli tanks, armored personnel carriers and armored engineering vehicles are moving further into Gaza’s next kill zone Rafah.

Al Jazeera’s contributing journalist Ahmed Abdullah Mohsen as an eyewitness in Rafah reported:

The screaming and wailing nearly drowned out the warplanes that covered the sky, dropping barrages in a fiery belt that crushed the bodies of the displaced in their tents. About 20 minutes of explosions lit the night like something from an artificial Hollywood film.

While Biden and Blinken have “strongly advised” Netanyahu to tone down civilian Palestinian deaths and most recently not initiate Bibi’s IDF ground invasion into Rafah, according to several unnamed sources quoted by NBC News on February 12th, on at least three occasions Biden called Netanyahu “an asshole,” venting his mounting frustration towards Bibi the Butcher, undoubtedly wrecking Biden’s reelection campaign.

Last Thursday even prior to the Rafah blitzkrieg, Biden went public saying Israel’s latest actions are “over the top.” His bid to stay in the White House already was dealt a lethal blow last week when special counsel Robert Hur’s report leaked Biden too mentally incompetent to stand trial for willfully retaining illegal classified documents. Essentially, Biden has been thrown under the bus by the same Deep State that installed him as Imposter-in-Thief. Using the Texas State Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s phraseology posted last Friday on X:

I’ve said for over a year many times that Joe Biden would not be on the ticket and Michelle Obama would be the likely nominee. It’s clear the Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama knew they had to take him down to give them a chance in November.

Warmongering Washington now finds itself helplessly floundering, standing up for “Israel’s right to defend itself no matter what,” stuck in a downward freefall spiral paralleling its same humiliating, disastrous policy standing up for the Ukraine debacle. Quite a few pay grades higher than Obama sits the City of London atop this Deep State food chain, throwing the US and entire West under the bus.

For months Israel issued directives to Palestinian residents living in north and central Gaza to flee their homes seeking shelter in south Gaza, where now up to 1.5 million of Gaza’s total 2.3 million Palestinians are now refugees, helplessly trapped in Rafah as defenseless sitting duck targets in the IDF crosshairs.

The Jewish State’s coldblooded game plan all along has been to force Palestinians to run for their lives south out of Gaza, and in the end, exiled to Egypt’s Sinai Desert. Yet Egypt has emphatically warned Israel against this sinister ethnic purge as totally unacceptable, driving Palestinians from their ancient Gaza homeland into Egypt.

Now, with no place for Palestinians to safely shelter in place, Israel is fast preparing to launch its major offensive into Rafah right at Egypt’s border to flood desperate refugees completely out of Gaza. In one fell swoop for decades, Israel has awaited this outcome as its “final solution” to its “Palestinian problem,” free to then steal their vast gas and oil reserves and build a Gaza canal shortcutting Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The peace treaty that Egypt and Israel signed 45 years ago today is in total jeopardy in near shreds.

The Cairo government warned Netanyahu if IDF ground forces invade Rafah as clear violation of its peace agreement with Egypt, rendering it null and void, it risks opening up yet another warfront at Israel’s southern border, after almost a half century of peace with its Arab neighbor.

Also, Egypt has been suffering economically from this Gaza war with its plummeting Suez Canal revenue down by a whopping 30%. Hence, Egypt is warning Israel of “grave consequences,” further echoed by regional Islamic powers Iran’s “severe consequences” and Saudi Arabia’s “very serious repercussions.”

The stakes are growing higher each passing day as Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border has stepped up its campaign from southern Lebanon against genocidal Israel while Houthi drone and missile attacks in the Red Sea target US naval warships as well as commercial cargo vessels continue unabated. This Middle East powder keg is ready to burst into full-scale war between Israel and its genocidal accomplice the US, dragged into fighting yet another Greater Israel Project war that has all the earmarks for Armageddon. Israel continues to defy all warnings from the US, UN and the International Criminal Court. With the united Arab Islamic world’s strengthening strategic alliance with Russia and China, and its nonstop warnings and threats to Israel all unheeded, by the day the ominous risk of these deeply disturbing developments is growing exponentially.

As world pariahs Israel and US alienate themselves before the entire planet, digging their irreversible grave, lined up on the wrong side of history, they’ve been perpetrating genocide in Gaza for four straight months. Arab nations showing remarkable restraint not to react to their provocations to widen the regional conflict, have been increasingly vocal in their unified disapproval. But with hostilities growing at Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, now at the southern border with Egypt, and the northeastern border with Syria, the Islamic world is preparing a contingency plan ultimately to crush Israel if genocide continues unchanged. Knowing without war his political life is terminally over, Bibi the Butcher has repeatedly rejected all ceasefire proposals and demands. Meanwhile, the US without an exit strategy, has feebly allowed itself to be dragged deeper into a quagmire, daily growing into a wider regional conflict.

On Sunday Netanyahu illogically claimed “enough” of the 132 remaining Israeli hostages still alive more than justify continuing the war.

In response, a Hamas leader said if Israel launches its intended ground invasion in Rafah, it would “blow up” all hostage exchange negotiation.

Despite repeated warnings against the Rafah invasion, Netanyahu instructed his IDF and security forces to come up with a plan to evacuate over one million Palestinian refugees in Rafah to pave the way for Israel’s ground offensive, ostensibly to destroy four well-fortified Hamas battalions entrenched in the city. With the situation growing tenser by the day, also on Sunday, Egypt spoke of “dire consequences” for Israel if Bibi orders his assault on Rafah. The Egyptian foreign ministry stated:

Egypt called for the necessity of uniting all international and regional efforts to prevent the targeting of the Palestinian city of Rafah.

It’s becoming ever-so dangerously clearer, when IDF inevitably does fully invade Rafah, the Arab world is bound to finally strike back and at that pivotal moment World War III will likely be officially activated.

Meanwhile last Friday February 9th, Syrian air defense systems shot down Israeli drones and missiles outside of Damascus fired from Israel’s illegally occupied Golan Heights. Attacks by Hezbollah militants in both Syria and Iraq have steadily increased since the Gaza war began, resulting in the recent proliferation of retaliatory US, UK and Israel strikes against Islamic Resistance groups throughout the region, especially this month with US aerial attacks targeting scores of Iran army and proxy Resistance targets. In response to US-Israel latest strikes, last weekend Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian traveled to Lebanon and Syria to discuss the stepped up aggression by Israel and United States, on Sunday meeting in Damascus with both Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and his Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad. While al-Assad stressed the more the US sends weapons to Israel, the wider the regional conflict is growing (following the same failed US weapons to Ukraine). Bottomline, all this increasing global conflict is the direct result of Western puppets obediently carrying out Rothschild City of London orders. Syrian FM Mekdad stated:

Syria has fought wars against the Israeli occupation, and is ready to fight wars, but it will decide when and how. [Ending Israel’s Golan Heights occupation remains] at the top of our priorities. Syria is ready to pay the price for all these liberation operations.

The top Syrian diplomat added that the unwelcomed US and Turkish military presence in Syria is also an “illegitimate” violation of Syria’s national sovereignty, and like Iraq, also is demanding immediate removal, specifically the United States from its theft in the Conoco Oil Fields and Turkey from Kurdistan and northeastern Syria. Plus, until the 1967 Arab-Israeli Seven Day War, the Golan Heights was always part of southwestern Syria and the ongoing Jewish settler expansion in that long-disputed territory is still rightfully claimed by Syria near six decades later.

The entire Arab Muslim world has been coalescing as a unified front, busily joining the BRICS alliance, while behind the scenes, in self-defense is likely preparing an inevitable, massive Islamic military counterattack against Israel from every direction to ultimately stop the endless Zionist beast from any further aggressive expansion. With a significantly weakened US no longer Israel’s unipolar kingpin protector, the Muslim world by conventional military means is in strategic position realizing it can defeat the Jewish State once and for all, launching a coordinated multi-pronged offensive from multiple directions at once. Israel would be overwhelmed and destined to lose this upcoming war, and perhaps as Kissinger predicted, Israel would no longer exist as a nation. However, Israel never hesitates to evoke the maniacal threat of its infamous Sampson option, unloading its nuclear arsenal on any perceived foes or friends alike. And with both Iran and Pakistan also nuclear powers, this slippery slope of mutual destruction could instantly slip out of hand against all of humanity.

At this late stage, what appears imminently inevitable is the much larger Islam versus Zionist conflict, just as US Freemason Albert Pike predicted in detail this coming World War III 153 years ago.

The entire world is now in grave peril with this impending conflict seemingly about to erupt.

While Americans are too busy watching the Superbowl and the Swift-Kelce psyops to notice, the global masses are also failing to grasp the dire gravity of this present highly explosive situation. As I keep saying, the shit is about to hit the fan on planet earth and there will be no turning back history from all the ensuing destruction likely to come. Luciferian controllers will celebrate this massive bloodletting sacrifice as their human cleansing, confident they can emerge from the other side and gain absolute dystopian control over what life is left.

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