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Where Has All the Left-Wing Money Gone?


This is really interesting.  The increasing silence had been noted, but I had not caught on the the actual defunding.  what this tells me is that the conduits have been intercepted.  a lot of that juice surely was CCP juice and ending just that cuts off a lot of discretionary spending.  

ending internal support is an overdue bonus here.  That provided the distribution network whose loyalty was commanded top down.

I do not think it is zll gone, but it is clearly sufficating and on top of that the alt media is continuing to switch out progressive running dogs.  All of which chokes back the lolly.

Recall that Q anticipated the outright elimination of the Democratic Party.  Recall that Q was informed by the future.  this is technological folks.  It appears they will be dead in the water.

Where Has All the Left-Wing Money Gone?
NY Slimes Op-Ed by Michelle Goldberg

Rebuttal By

Another day --- another indicator that the organized Left -- exactly as forecast by Q, way back in 2017 -- is dying a slow death of 1000 cuts. 

This latest confirmation comes to us from that vicious little obsessive anti-Q Anon Slimes yenta, Michele Goldberg (cough cough). It must have pained the corpulent commie columnist greatly to write this piece. An excerpt from the opening: "As we stumble toward another existential election, panic is setting in among progressive groups because the donors who buoyed them throughout the Trump years are disengaging. 

'Donations to progressive organizations are way down in 2023 across the board, said a recent memo from Billy Wimsatt, executive director of the Movement Voter Project, an organization founded in 2016 that channels funds to community organizers, mostly in swing states, who engage and galvanize voters.

 He added: 'Groups need money to make sure we have a good outcome next November. But. People. Are. Not. Donating.'” 

* The article goes on to describe the widespread defunding, discouragement and downsizing taking place throughout Libtardia's "boots-on-the-ground" activist groups as we head into the Year of Trump. 

In a far cry from the haughty and arrogant scorn and condescension of 2015 & 2016, Goldberg herself now describes the inevitability of Trump 2024 as "a looming horror that is becoming a daily emergency." Whine it, Michelle. Whine it!

Q Post -- Trump commie quote

Regular readers of the Anti-New York Times will recall the "What-ever-happened-to?" rhetorical questions we've been asking these past few years -- questions which, from the opposite side of the spectrum, match up perfectly with Goldberg's current whining about the "panic" on the Left. 

A few examples: 

* What ever happened to "spontaneous" Color Revolutions? 
* What ever happened to monthly acts of "Islamic Terrorism?" 
* What ever happened to endless protest marches for this and marches for that? 
* What ever happened to BLM, Al Sharpton and the endless racial incidents and rallies? 
* What ever happened to Greta Thunberg? (she announced her "retirement.") 
* What ever happened to the pro-baby-killers? (Roe v Wade was overturned and they made nary a peep.) 
* What ever happened to monthly mass shootings? 
* What ever happened to Hollywood's in-your-face war on Trump? (the striking industry is dying.) 
* What ever happened to the late-night comedians heaping scorn on Trump night after night? 
* What ever happened to the constant attacks on Trump by ex-US presidents and "world leaders?" 
* What ever happened to the frightful power of the ADL - a pressure group which is now openly mocked? 
* What ever happened to the anti-Trump hysteria of CNN - a network that is now much more objective? * What ever happened to fake polling which always showed Trump "trailing" by a wide margin? 


The Storm (the pre-televised silent version) happened -- that's what! The money has "dried up" partly because Trump defunded so many nefarious CIA schemes --- partly because big name subversives have been disappeared and their assets seized -- and partly because smaller players are now very afraid or deeply discouraged. 

The NWO structure has been cored out from within. All that remains now is for the "tape delayed" made-for-TV "controlled demolition" spectacle of 2024 to take place -- what Marxist Michelle here properly describes as "a looming horror." Her "horror" -- our delight. Trust the plan, bitch.

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