Friday, September 26, 2014

Neutral Neutrino has Gravity


For the record. 

 Dated 25 SEP 2014 6.00 AM PST

This morning I ran through a  calculation and finally isolated the equation describing the induced curvature or gravity contribution of the neutral neutrino described in my thought experiment in my paper titled Cloud Cosmology.  This immediately  extends naturally to larger particles and on through to designing gravity detection devices.  We will be able to calculate the expected effect.

A direct consequence appears to be that geometry is far more important than mass and this opens the door to negative gravity as well.   It is noteworthy that a paper I discovered from a Russian expert on butterflys is probably valid.  He determined that the plates can be used to affect gravity and he experimented far beyond that before he died.

My work is still in rough shape but it is valid enough.  I  will put together a short note and post it here soon.

I had expected that the neutral neutrino had no gravitational component as such and that is what i disproved this morning.  It makes the rest of the program much easier to work out and rather neat and now inevitable as well.

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