Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gargoyles and Cattle Mutilation

Yesterdays post on the gargoyles in Chile has given us an excellent eye witness report that has been missing in other similar reports which were often glimpses or over ridden by the initial shock of observation.  This report lasted for many minutes because it appears that two pairs of gargoyles were actually playing with the moving vehicle just as we might.

They tested their own flying speed against the car running at sixty miles per hour and a pair even hit the ground running to see how they fared in their bounding along side.  This was playful and exhibited curiosity but was not an overt threat.  Of course the occupants were scared and soon hit the pedal and were in fact able to out run them and speed away.

We can characterize the gargoyle as follows:

1                    The excellent carvings on cathedrals from the Middle Ages were modeled from real bodies of these creatures.
2                    The creatures feed on blood and have been caught draining blood from a large number of chickens in a chicken coop and can obviously be blamed for the many cases of blood drained downers found on the Great Plains.  They are thus clearly able to exploit a wide range of prey and like a weasel will tackle a cage full of chickens.
3                    They do hunt in social groups and this readily explains the occurrence of more than one victim at a given site of so called cattle mutilation.  Chile showed us two pair working together.
4                    Their flying speed is easily sixty miles per hour and they certainly have soaring capacity.  Put that together and we have a creature that can travel in a two hundred mile radius from its den on a given night when it is tied to the den for raising young and also able to travel five hundred miles every night if it is looking for a new range.
5                    This range of movement allows the creature to easily establish dens throughout the world and the existence of examples in Europe from the medieval period pretty well assures us that this has happened.
6                    They are obviously nocturnal and may be members of the bat family which has a sequence of vampires.  This then suggests they use caves where they can go to den up.  This may also serve to restrict the number of locales in which they operate.
7                    It also appears that they are now expanding their range, This is likely because the danger from human landholders has hugely abated over the past half century.  They are clever enough to avoid humanity itself as that has surely meant a blast from a shotgun until recently.

Capturing one of these alive is a tall order and locating an active den when the residents only leave at night is equally difficult.  Thus our best hope is that the population will increase enough to make shooting one of them rather likely.

We have now had enough individual observations to nicely describe and confirm individual observations as been other than unique.  What is missing is a mass of observations, although we do have a mass of observations confirming the draining of blood from cattle in particular.  A hunting pack of gargoyles solves that in short order.

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