Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party Counter Revolution

I have said nothing as yet about the so called Tea Party movement as actual information was pretty scarce and repeating the diatribes of advocates explains little.

My own thoughts are somewhat confirmed by the data referred to in this pitch for Rasmussen’s book.

What has happened is that a radical left and a radical right has visibly organized over the past couple of decades and happily attacked each other while utterly ignoring the naturally conservative center.  But understand what I mean with that.  It is conservative in the way that they reject radical solutions of either the left or the right.

This profound alienation of the center has led to a rebirth of political activism in direct response to both the radical left and the radical right whose narrow agendas will be rejected.  In a sense, both parties have been distorted by their radicals and this is the reaction.

At present, the tea party is testing its strength and it is not found lacking.  Their real targets are the elitists who have assumed some god given right to rule in the name of the parties.  These are the same cohorts who brought down Wall Street and whose venality knows no bounds or even common sense.  The tea party is showing them how to lose again.

The tea party naturally responds to a populist leader.  And a populist leader is naturally drawn to them.  This is Sarah Palin’s war machine and it will be trying to crush the opponents.  Right now it is confronting the Republican establishment.  I think that establishment will crumble after the November ballot is over and quickly accommodate the inevitable.

The American center now has a home and by leaning left or right in reaction to policies they oppose it is likely they will influence elections for decades.  This is the possible end of traditional politics and possibly it will be the end of the pork barrel.  There is a new elephant in the room and it is connected with the internet and present to be counted.  It only has to focus and lean.

Rasmussen, Schoen: Tea Party Revolt Is Under Way

Will a tea party revolt conquer Washington?

A new book, “Mad As Hell” by Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen, suggests this may just happen.

Rasmussen and Schoen, Fox News contributors and among America's most respected pollsters, reveal the unvarnished truth about the movement that is re-making the face of America. The book’s full title is

The media has yet to tell the full story of who the tea party is and what their real agenda is all about.

The riotous tea parties and angry town hall meetings of last summer seemingly took everyone by surprise — especially in the liberal media.

They have been dismissed as bigots, fanatics, and worse. Are these claims true?

Rasmussen and Schoen investigated the movement through intensive polling and analysis. Their conclusion: Though conservative, tea partyers are mainstream Americans. “Mad as Hell” rips to shreds the toxic descriptions of the tea party heard on outlets such as MSNBC.

In “Mad As Hell,” you will find out why leaders such as Sarah Palin are riding a huge wave of anger — and how this anger could even shock Americans with a surprise 2012 presidential election.

You'll also find out the startling fact that the "populist uprising" in the United States isn't just about conservatives — but liberals, too — who no longer have faith in Washington's elites, Wall Street, and even the mainstream media.

The authors suggest a titanic political earthquake is just beginning and that few in the media or government grasp its scope and agenda.

With the 2010 congressional elections fast approaching and the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, “Mad As Hell” is more than a "must read" — it's a required read for every tea party loyalist and even those that fear them.

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Michael Archangel said...

you dont understand, the people want our old government out. This government has become like idols, neither hearing, nor seeing, nor speaking, except blasphemy all around. Jesus makes all things new.