Monday, September 6, 2010

Islamic Child Horror

Watch this horror.  Then ask yourself what kind of society watches this on television and supports this behavior.   I do not think it is possible for an Islamic apologist to sweeten this.  One certainly could not make this up.

The West was cured of this form of venomous thinking by the tens of millions who died in the second war.  I wonder if radical Islam will stop at one hundred million.  It will be mostly Muslim dead also.  Sooner or later, radical Islam will always grab for power and precipitate war.  Imagine an Egyptian Islamic takeover and how quickly they will tear up their country’s treaty with Israel.

Perhaps in the end, Islam recalls that their lands in Africa and the Middle East were originally Roman Christian lands that were converted at sword point.  Perhaps their fear of the rise of Israel lies in the knowledge that their own claims are as shabby and have been held by the sword.

The safest road for Islam is to simply put the past aside.  Certainly over ninety percent of the population believes that.  Yet the hate merchants are dominating the debate.  Perhaps we can finally forgive the mass of German citizens who in the end were simply overcome by the Nazis.

We are at war and our natural allies are the Muslims themselves.  We need to help them stamp this sort of behavior out before it is too late`.


sharonsj said...

This has been going on for years, and it's not just Palestinian TV. Egypt and Turkey (our allies to whom we send plenty of money) run state-sponsored media about Jews killing children and drinking their blood or stealing their body parts.

arclein said...

All true, of course. Yet the best way to fight this is to simply publicize it to the non brainwashed world which includes plenty of muslim populations so that these folks can be properly shamed in the eyes of the rest of the world.