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Coenzyme Q10 Issues

This is of course a pitch for a supplement product named Accel that supplies Coenzyme Q10.  For those using it, it spells out the limitations of the common form and alerts us to look for a superior form of the product.  I am sure the better form is on the shelves somewhere.  If not, then google the name to locate the seller.

The advent of beneficial supplements over the past decade in particular has pushed the bounds of product quality although for any new product that is an issue.  The first into the market usually has a lock on initial supply.  He creates a new market and others discover demand in their pipelines.  They attempt to break in with often substandard product and perhaps a weak understanding of the science.

After as an example all shark cartilage product is easy to produce by simply boiling.  Except that denatures the product.  The real separation method is both better and easier but is simply not shared.  At least that was the early history of one supplement until research perfected the condriten glucosamine product and developed more efficious sources.

At least we are now alert.  Again this supplement supports us, as does a good daily dose of condriten, in sustaining youthful vigor.

The Awful Truth About  Coenzyme Q10
Here's the Only Way That the CoQ10 You Take Can Give  You the Energy and Immune System Health You Need...
Dear Health Conscious Reader,

The many health benefits of taking Coenzyme Q10 – increased energy, improved metabolism, weight loss, cell protection, and better cardiovascular health – are already well established.1

In fact, research shows CoQ10 may promote neurological health as well.1

Yet many patients I talk to in my practice tell me they don’t feel any different after they start taking CoQ10.

When they show me the bottle, I immediately know why.

As it happens, most of the CoQ10 they are taking never makes it to their cells where it can do the most good.

In fact, most people over 50 have a hard time converting CoQ10 into its usable form. The lion’s share of the valuable CoQ10 enzyme disappears – making it impossible to give your cells the protection and nourishment they need.

Fortunately, I’ve found a simple way to solve this problem forever … make sure you maintain healthy levels of CoQ10 in your cells all year long … and enjoy the increased energy, vitality, and health that CoQ10 can deliver when it actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to your cells!*
Which of these CoQ10 supplements is in your medicine chest?
The trouble with most brands of commercially available CoQ10 supplements is that they use a cheaper form of the enzyme – known as ubiquinone – that is extremely difficult for your body to absorb.

So the label says the pill contains X amount of CoQ10. And it probably does. But only a tiny fraction of that is actually absorbed by your body. The rest is passed as waste, and is in fact wasted – never reaching the cell membranes and walls were it is needed most.

We solve this problem with my best-selling CoQ10 supplement – Accel.

Accel is composed 100% of a form of CoQ10 known as ubiquinol – vastly superior to ordinary store-bought CoQ10 supplements.

With ubiquinol, your body absorbs up to 8 times more CoQ102 than with ordinary CoQ10 supplements as shown in the graph below:3           

Better absorption means you can get more CoQ10 in your system while actually taking fewer pills. CoQ10 has been around for years. And it’s been helpful. But there are major drawbacks to the old type of CoQ10: it’s both weak … and expensive.

Accel makes a difference because it’s in a stronger reduced form – so it is much more easily absorbed.

I remember when I had to tell some patients to take 400 mg of the old CoQ10 every 8 hours to keep their blood levels high enough. It worked out. But it was very expensive. They could easily go through a bottle or two a week.

With Accel, most people can get all the anti-aging power of coenzyme Q10 with just one caplet a day. That makes the health benefits of CoQ10 available to you at a fraction of the cost.*

Accel consists of pure ubiquinol – CoQ10 in its reduced form. As a result, the beneficial CoQ10 enzyme remains in your blood stream much longer than with ordinary CoQ10 tablets.4

The “delivery system” used in Accel speeds and maximizes absorption even further. How does it work?

The outer caplet is a soft gel encasing a precisely measured dosage of 50 mg – my daily recommended requirements – of liquid ubiquinol CoQ10.

The smooth outer caplet is easy to swallow. Once inside your body, the gel quickly dissolves, rapidly releasing liquid CoQ10. This highly water soluble liquid is rapidly – and fully – absorbed into your system.

 The adventures of “Super Mouse”

Remember the old Adventures of Superman TV series with George Reeves?

In one episode, a scientist invents an energy pill that gives a laboratory mouse super strength similar to Superman’s – turning the ordinary mouse into “Super Mouse.”

Taking Accel won’t give you super strength or super speed. But it can boost your energy by a degree you can notice and feel.*

How can I be so sure?

Several months ago, I had a private meeting with Dr. Tatsumasa Mae here at my Florida medical offices.

Dr. Mae is the world’s leading CoQ10 researcher.

He showed me a videotape of the test subjects he used in an animal study of the anti-aging properties of CoQ10.

The video showed that after several months, his lab mice taking no CoQ10 all died of natural causes.

All of the untreated mice showed typical signs of oxidative stress.

A second group of test mice took conventional CoQ10. They were still alive, but showed signs of aging. These mice lasted longer than the first group, but when they died, they had similar conditions.

But the third group of lab mice in the video had been given my “super-absorbable” Accel CoQ10.

And what I saw was nothing short of a small miracle….

The test subjects taking Accel were not just alive. They actually looked younger than the mice in the other groups!

The Accel mice also had more energy. They were running around in their cages with all the vigor of mice half their age (see graph).

And in spite of being “old” (for mice), they showed almost no sign of aging. After a year, the “super mice” on Accel aged 22% slower than mice taking conventional CoQ103.

Researchers also measured the effect of CoQ10 supplementation on stamina. They found that mice taking ubiquinol were able to run continuously on their treadmills two and a half times longer than mice taking conventional CoQ103.

The many health benefits of taking Accel CoQ10

Increased energy … improved metabolic function, cell protection, better cardiovascular health and weight loss are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits my patients and I receive by taking our Accel CoQ10 daily (yes, I take Accel, as does everyone in my family!).*

Here are just some of the other ways Accel can help you live longer and feel better:

  • Heart health … according to the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, a number of clinical studies have found CoQ10 promotes cardiovascular health.5
  • Blood sugar … an Australian study showed that patients who took CoQ10 were able to maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.6
  • Vision … in a recent clinical trial, taking CoQ10 for a year helped them see more clearly.7
  • Cognition … an animal study performed at Johns Hopkins University found that CoQ10 supplementation improves learning and memory.7
  • Bronchial Health … researchers in Texas found CoQ10 promotes bronchial health.7
  • Gum health … CoQ10 can improve gum and oral health.7
  • Clear-headed comfort … in one study, more than 6 out of 10 patients treated with CoQ10 daily reported feeling more clear-headed comfort.7
  • Oxidative stress … Accel is a powerful antioxidant, eliminating the free radicals that can cause damage to cell membranes and mitochondria.3
  • Skin care … a German study shows that CoQ10 can help reduce wrinkles and protect skin from the damaging effects of too much exposure to sunlight.8
Accel is the quick and easy way to get  100% of the CoQ10 you take daily….Just look at all the advantages Accel gives you:

  • 50 mg CoQ10 daily – each Accel caplet contains a precise dosage of my daily recommended CoQ10 requirement.
  • Small softgel caplets – easy to swallow. Outer gel cap dissolves in minutes, instantly releasing easily absorbed liquid CoQ10 into your system.
  • Greater bioavailability – Accel is up to 8X more absorbable1 than conventional store-bought CoQ10.
  • Lower cost – Accel’s superior bioavailability means you have to take fewer caplets to get the amount of CoQ10 you need.
  • Guaranteed – if you do not agree that Accel makes you feel better and have more energy, simply return it to us for a complete refund.
  • Convenient – Accel is delivered straight to your door. No need to drive to the pharmacy or health store.
We know from years of research that CoQ10 has a direct effect on human metabolism and physiology. I’ve seen the evidence of clinical tests first-hand. And I’ve seen the effects in my patients.

May I share a secret with you? I intend to have the energy and vitality of a teenager well into my 60s, 70s, and even my 80s! That’s my goal, anyway. And it’s the whole point of anti-aging medicine: to retain the power of youth well into our old age.

That’s why I take Accel every day. CoQ10 is one nutrient I plan to take every day for as long as I live. You should, too. And now we’ve made taking daily CoQ10 more convenient, affordable, and effective than ever….*

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