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Ongoing Fallout over ClimateGate

This is just a bit of the racket been created by the revelations over the suborning of both climate data and the peer review process over at Hadley.  I am sorry children, it is truly inexcusable. 

The process has been underway for a whole decade in the face of effectively negative evidence.  That means that for the duration, other scientists have been asked to rely on possibly tampered evidence.  I have personably been uncomfortable with the whole issue of climate data for some time and part of that were the obvious variances showing up as individually explainable but not as a developing trend line.

In science data is sacrosanct however inconvenient it might be or even poorly collected.  One can always learn something.  Playing with it is a rookie maneuver which is why I was upset to learn that Mann had cherry picked data to create the hockey stick.

There is always enough variation in any data set to cherry pick a trend line.  One could as easily have cherry picked an equally convincing argument for global decline.  Often with natural physical phenomena one sometimes does cast out the handful that lie sharply outside the data set (mineralogy for instance).  I do not agree with that process since it is often evidence of an important local effect (nugget effect in mineralogy) whose value is then badly discounted.

Yet this protocol came about because of the confusing presence of known erratics in the relevant data.

A similar process in climate data would weigh tornados strangely.

It is now going to take time for the IPCC to back off their politically driven agenda and come to understand that they have linked their credibility to a fraud that they certainly encouraged.  I do not know now fast we can get back to seeing real science been done.

For instance it is inexcusable that around seventy percent of US monitoring stations were found to be compromised over the past century.  That makes US data the worst instead of the best.  Did anyone really care?

The system needs to be enhanced with hundreds of remote sensing packages that report by radio or satellite. That way there would be no hope of fast food joints going up next door.

Marc Morano has made himself the center for communicating opposing viewpoints on global warming beginning when a supposed consensus existed.  Then a challenge but no more.

Geologist 'appalled' at NYT's Krugman: 'Legitimate scientists do not doctor data...hijack peer-review...send fraudulent data to UN that is used to perpetuate greatest hoax in the history of science'  

Legitimate scientists do not 'provide false data to further legislation on climate change that will result in huge profits for corrupt lobbyists and politicians'

Sunday, November 29, 2009 - By Marc Morano  –  Climate Depot

Prominent Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook's comments were originally published on ABC News website in reaction to New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman's dismissal of the significance of ClimateGate. Dr. Easterbrook is an Emeritus Professor at Western Washington University who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications. Easterbrook's full resume is here.

"I've spent four decades studying global climate change and as a scientist I am appalled at [NYT's Paul] Krugman's cavalier shrugging off the Hadley email scandal as 'just the way scientists talk among themselves.' That's like saying it's alright for politicians to be corrupt because that's the way they are."

"Legitimate scientists do not doctor data, delete data they don't like, hide data they don't want seen, hijack the peer review process, personally attack other scientists whose views differ from theirs, send fraudulent data to the IPCC that is used to perpetuate the greatest hoax in the history of science, provide false data to further legislation on climate change that will result in huge profits for corrupt lobbyists and politicians, and tell outright lies about scientific data." [End Easterbrook statement.]

Today’s ClimateDepot shows how much is happening as the story continues to generate fallout.

UN to Investigate ClimateGate -- 'Goes uber-viral' - CBC Broadcaster Unleashes on scientists: 'Gone to Bed with advocacy' -
Fri, December 4, 2009 11:02:06 AM

As always go to for the latest on this scandal.

Marc Morano Statement: “Remember, the man-made global warming fear movement was already dead before ClimateGate broke. ClimateGate just ensures that the embalming fluid will now be withheld and the corpse will rot for all to see (and smell.)”

CBC's Rex Murphy Unloads About ClimateGate: It 'pulls back the curtain on pettiness, turf protection, manipulation, defiance of FOIA, loss or destroyed data and attempts to blacklist' - 'Science has gone to bed with advocacy and both have had a very good time' -Excerpt: Canadian CBC TV commentator Rex Murphy, unleashed on the top UN scientists involved in the growing Climategate scandal during a December 3, 2009 television broadcast. Watch Full Rex Murphy Video here. Murphy was a former a executive assistant to the leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland. “Climate science and global warming advocacy have become so entwined, so enmeshed into a mutant creature,” he added. “Climategate is evidence that the science has gone to bed with advocacy and both have had a very good time,” Murphy continued. “Read the emails, you will never think of climate science, quite the same way again,” Murphy implored.

More of the latest news in expanding and deepening ClimateGate scandal:

Climate Depot Response: "If the governments all signed off on UN IPCC reports, then they must be impeccable science. No politics involved at all." For reality check, see report on UN scientists turning on UN here.


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