Tuesday, April 28, 2009

USA Deploys Ray Gun

This item will not come as a surprise for those who understood my posting on the crop circle phenomena a year ago. The circles or more appropriately the images are produced with six inch pixels, obviously induced by the dissipation of microwave energy. In that article, I posited that this was a secret program to develop microwave laser guns as a weapons system. Well, here we are.


Likely the Brits developed the system to maturity and are now sharing the technology with their allies and not bothering to tell anyone.

Perhaps they will do us the favour of punching out an American flag in an Iowa wheat field.

The requirements of the crop circle fabrication scam pretty well tells us minimum range is several miles and that the delivered energy is a pulse that quickly heats its target. It is also incredibly accurate.

Thus as an anti ballistic missile device, it could be expected to reach out into space and blind an incoming missile and turn it into an unguided dumb bomb.

It is possible that I was one of the few who knew this sucker had to exist. Anyway, it is no longer much of a secret and perhaps they will fess up to their games around Sheffield in England.

As an aside, the crop circle phenomena is an excellent example of how often even scientists do bad science. That circus went on for twenty years without anybody apparently getting down on their knees and doing a close inspection of a grid square. Any person with a modicum off practical skill would have done just that. Where was Sherlock Holmes when we needed him? The second someone did, I learned that we actually had pixels. That ended any further debate.

Of course knowing the military interest in microwaves helped also but that was not critical except as to define a suspect with all the right moves.


Boeing Airborne Laser Team Begins Weapon System Flight Tests

by Staff Writers
Edwards AFB (SPX) Apr 27, 2009


Boeing and its teammates from industry and the the U.S. Missile Defense Agency have begun Airborne Laser (ABL) flight tests with the entire weapon system integrated aboard the ABL aircraft.

ABL, a heavily modified Boeing 747-400F aircraft, completed its functional check flight April 21 from Edwards Air Force Base with the beam control/fire control system and the high-energy laser onboard, confirming the aircraft is airworthy, ready for more airborne tests, and on track for its missile-intercept demonstration this year.

"With ABL's return to flight, we are on the verge of fully demonstrating the unprecedented speed, mobility, precision and lethality that ABL could provide to America's warfighters," said Michael Rinn, Boeing vice president and ABL program director.

ABL would deter potential adversaries and provide speed-of-light capability to destroy all classes of ballistic missiles in their boost phase of flight.

Eliminating missiles in their boost phase would reduce the number of shots required by other elements of the layered ballistic missile defense system. ABL also has the potential to be employed for other missions, including destroying aircraft and surface-to-air missiles.

The program has logged many accomplishments over the past several years. In 2007, ABL completed almost 50 flight tests that demonstrated its ability to track an airborne target, measure and compensate for atmospheric conditions, and deliver a surrogate high-energy laser beam on the target.

In 2008, the team completed installing the high-energy laser onboard the aircraft and, for the first time, operated the entire weapon system at high power levels.

Boeing is the prime contractor and overall systems integrator for ABL, and provides the modified aircraft and battle management system. Northrop Grumman supplies the high-energy laser, and Lockheed Martin provides the beam control/fire control system.

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