Friday, April 24, 2009

EEStor Earth Day News

This particular news release is very much course of business. They are slowly building up a stack of technical data beside their own, and since so many are quick to challenge such internal claims.

Since so many purported experts are challenging the published results, you invite as many experts for a quick walkabout so long as they confirm your results and give you a report.

I have had to do that on an important mining discovery thirty years ago. I think we waltzed fifteen sets of corporate engineers through the mine property and had them do proper samples. Actually a lot of work was done by this. The result was a stack of assays and a fist full of press releases. This is no different. And it serves the same purpose in removing one more item firmly off the table for nit pickers who want to challenge claims.

We are not going to be happy until a machine goes ka-chunk and delivers a shiny black box that performs as advertised.

So far the only thing that I have seen advertised that did not meet expectations has been the product delivery schedule. Of course if I apply normal rule of thumb, which is to multiple every time estimate found in a press release by 2.5, we are right on schedule.

The reason is incredibly simple, technical folk are great at calculating how many man hours are needed for a task. What they are lousy at is calculating when those man hours will be utilized. And PR guys never ask.

EEStor, Inc. Announces Relative Permittivity Certification of Their Composition Modified Barium-Titanate Powders
CEDAR PARK, Texas, April 22 /PRNewswire/ --
EEStor, Inc. announces relative permittivity certification of their Composition Modified Barium-Titanate powders. The third party certification tests were performed by Texas Research International's Dr. Edward G. Golla, PhD., Laboratory Director. He has certificated that EEStor's patented and patent pending Composition Modified Barium-Titanate Powders have met and/or exceeded a relative permittivity of 22,500.
EEStor feels this is a huge milestone which opens the advancement of key products and services in the electrical energy storage markets of today. The automotive and renewable energy sectors are a few of the key markets that would benefit greatly with the technology.
Company background
EEStor, Inc. develops solid-state electrical energy storage units (EESU's) in the form of batteries and capacitors. This technology has a wide variety of application use which includes with the added benefit of being longer lasting, lighter, more powerful, and more environmentally friendly than current technology in use.

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