Monday, December 29, 2008

Crop Circle Fabrication and Update

This recent article is way too long to post directly, so I invite you to tackle it at your leisure. The has been the chronicler of the crop circle phenomena from early days. The most important development that has evolved over the past twenty years is the evolving complexity, size and apparent intellectual content of the images.

I was frustrated for years by this phenomenon. It went from images that might have a natural origin to images that clearly could not. Yet through all this little in the way of empirical methodology seemed to be applied to their study. By this I mean getting down on your knees and inspecting the ground grid square by grid square. No human made event could withstand such scrutiny.

Then about three years ago, a researcher did the obvious and reported that the clearly authentic images are formed with six inch pixels. That made it completely clear, at least to me. We already knew that microwave energy was involved to collapse the plant stems. Now we are describing action caused by a beam of microwave energy hitting the ground.

This means that a microwave laser is producing this effect at a distance while been controlled by a computer driven aiming device. That is the obvious mechanism. The crop circle history also conforms to the steady improvement in human computer graphic capabilities. I immediately dismissed the whole story as a typical top secret military research program aimed at mastering the art of microwave laser weaponry. Recall that microwave technology has been militarized from the beginning and that the only technology releases have been ovens and communications.

In short, I had a perfectly good human agency quite up to the task of annoying us with these damn pictures, while producing a wonderful smokescreen.

The alternative explanation of ET simply was not necessary. Except that recently the complexity, from a mathematical viewpoint, is becoming compelling. Although, I am still unconvinced. However, I am also very aware that all previous thresholds of credibility have been crossed.

This article is a good beginning in the understanding of the mathematics. Much is made of new geometric theorems, but that is not very convincing. Euclidean based geometric problems are potentially vast in number and for that reason not overly pursued and published. Maybe this will help restore the hobby to its importance in mathematics.

But you can see the effort this is beginning to entice. I do not see yet where we are going with it, and it would be very annoying to discover another mathematical hobbyist at work over at the defence department. Maybe one of you can do better.

In the meantime, this ninety page article covers the history and various interpretations the images have generated to this year. That every image seems to be linkable to past symbology that is in the record (or maybe not) is a clue as to the interests of the generating artists (or the interpreting artists) and is itself a clue that we are kidding ourselves. More importantly, the technology has made great strides.

Table of Contents
I. A scientific overview for the end of 2008
II. Mayan calendars and Mayan binary codes
III. More clues of various kinds
IV. Jaime Maussan and the Quetzalcoatl hypothesis
V. Some crop pictures have predicted the future
VI. Quetzalcoatl, Jesus and the year 2012

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