Monday, May 9, 2016

A Completely new Mechanism for Fueling the Sun

What my work has now thrown up is a completely new mechanism to explain what fuels the Sun.

As I have been posting, the second tier of matter is composed of bound electron pairs formed by the decay of assemblages of neutral neutrinos formed in the first tier of matter.  Such assemblages consist of over twelve hundred such pairings then decaying into a crystalline like structure.  What is not so obvious though is that these new objects are  approximately thirty times more effective gravitationally that anything in the third tier of matter that we can experience or the first tier were the gravitational effect is nearly zero.  This is a natural result of the underlying metric.  See my paper published in 2010 in AIP's Physics Essays.

That means that this 'Dark Matter' or 'Aether' will form gravitational centers of accumulation in preference to just about anything else happening out there. Thus a proto Sun will first become a concentration of packed electron pairings.

These pairings will then in assemblages of again over twelve hundred such pairings  decay into neutron neutron pairings while carrying off a large amount of the gravitational effect and producing what I like to call unbound curvature as with the first tier but also called radiation.  These neutron neutron pairings then quickly decay into hydrogen and the rest of the story we know.

This eliminates any need to presume hydrogen is produced by a big Bang at all as my theory predicts anyway.  This clears up the genesis of hydrogen.

I now suspect also that creation and  star formation is an ongoing process that is merely slowing down but not necessarily by that much over time.  A new star igniting new door is not an impossibility, but not too likely either.

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sedona1948 said...

Consider the Electric Universe Theory, 'Z pinches' as well.