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After FDA Approval, States Move to Ban Lab-Grown Meat From Sale

Certainly both cultured  meat and processed insect protein are completely possible.  Yet I am no fan, not least because we need to rotate global Ag into animal crop rotation in order to increase our soil carbon content in particular.  Those vast open fields serve no one long term because you are mining the soil and actually degrading the carbon content.

As I have posted, the entire boreal forest needs a combo of pine forest grooming and cattle to slowly bring in the grass while suppressing acidity.    Everywhere we need cattle and we are one long way from using a replacement.

Insects are a better bet, but surely as animal and poultry feed.

The promo on both is hugely premature and no one will pay a premium for the privledge.  And i do not see vegetarians lining up either.

After FDA Approval, States Move to Ban Lab-Grown Meat From Sale | Facts Matter

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Aside from the push for people to eat bugs and insects as a viable alternative source of protein, there is actually a second simultaneous push to get people to eat lab-grown meat.

The thinking goes that since the world is ending due to climate change, and since the agricultural sector contributes to climate change, we can do away with farms and ranches—and replace that meat with cultivated meat grown in a lab.

And unbeknownst to most people, cultivated meat has already gotten the stamp of approval from the U.S. federal government (from both the USDA and the FDA).

However, since the United States is an amalgamation of 50 different states, individual states are pushing back.

And along that line, five days ago, Florida enacted a new piece of legislation that bans and criminalizes the manufacture and sale of lab-grown meat within the state.

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