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5 SCIENTIFIC Reasons Your 'Vaccinated' Friends & Family Won't Listen

The idea that an organization you are familiar with is actually lying to you is a new MEME and obviously subjecto to review and confirmation.  Even when the information iis blidingly TRUE.  That is just how the mind works.

This is why we teach new date to thirty folks at a time to push past natural bias.

So just how will you accept the idea that your jewish freinds and neighbors are off to been murdered?

folks are still dying suddenly, Why?  Are we getting the truth in terms of death rates now?

5 SCIENTIFIC Reasons Your 'Vaccinated' Friends & Family Won't Listen (And What to Do About It)

One of the most important things each of us can do is to spread the word. This article explains how to engage with people to change their thinking.

Does it seem like no matter what you say, it won't get through?

MAY 23

We’ve all experienced it. You’re doing your darnedest to get through the programming, saying all the right things, trying hard to remain calm and rational, and then it happens. Eyes glaze over, heads shake, and that deep-seated denial rears its ugly head.

At times they become so dismissive and irate, it’s like you’re dealing with a child!

No matter what you say, it seems, your vaccinated friends and family simply won’t listen. But why? What’s causing this widespread phenomenon? Why can’t they see what’s right in front of their faces? And more importantly, how in the world do we break the conditioning?

Here are 5 science-backed reasons - science not scientism - why your jabbed family and friends won’t listen (and what you can do about it):

1. “WCH” Syndrome

You may have heard of the term, white coat syndrome. This generally refers to a situation where you become nervous, anxious, or fearful when visiting the doctor. After all, what if there’s bad news? What if you’ve got a serious health condition you didn’t know about? What if you have to give blood and get injected, and you absolutely hate needles?

White coat syndrome is actually fairly common and often explains abnormalities in the clinical setting such as increased blood pressure, sweating, raised pulse, and other bodily reactions to the mind. It’s basically psychosomatic.

But what about “WCH Syndrome”? Simply put, WCH Syndrome, or “white coat hero syndrome” is just another side of the same coin.

Think about it. Why do people get white coat syndrome in the first place? Because they’re worried. Why are they worried? Usually, because they don’t like going to the doctor or being tested. Why? Well, because they’re worried a health problem might be detected and the doctor will say something they don’t wanna hear.

Okaaay… but why are they worried about that? Simple. Because they trust the doctor! If your friend tells you ‘hey, I think you might wanna get that checked out,' your reaction probably isn’t going to be too severe. You might think to yourself, ‘yea, maybe I should get this checked out.’

But if your doctor says, ‘I’m referring you to a specialist, this doesn’t look right,’ then you have cause for concern. These expectations of bad news, and fear of a negative doctor visit, are all predicated on the trust of medical professionals.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t worry about what they might say because what do they know!

Nobody Likes Bad News, And Everybody Wants Good News

See, white coat syndrome and white coat hero syndrome are the same thing. It goes both ways. You trust your doctor in giving you bad news and you trust your doctor in giving you good news (well, at least before covid).

Anyway, WCH Syndrome is exactly what is afflicting so many of the vaccinated. They were told by doctors and ‘experts’ wearing white coats that the jabs were safe and effective. Then they were told that there are ‘minor’ issues. Then they were told that even in cases where people get really sick or hospitalized, or even die, the jabs should still be taken because the alternative would be worse (without the vaccine he would’ve been deader!)

From only needing one jab for full protection to needing multiple jabs for virtually no protection, every line the ‘experts’ have fed us has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the jabbies.

Many older generations especially, who put their utmost trust in doctors and have personal favorites who they frequently visit, simply cannot handle the fact that their doctors could be wrong, or worse yet, getting money from Big Pharma to push a shot they know is neither safe nor effective.

For many good-hearted, trusting people, doctors are certified heroes. Life-savers. Demigods. With all those credentials, titles, and years of schooling, they must be infallible, right??

So, What Can We Do About This Doctor Idolatry??

This is the hard part. Fortunately, there is hope. If they trust doctors so much, expose them (slowly) to other doctors who are saying things to the contrary. Show them doctors who believed what they think but are now ‘red-pilled’ (like John Campbell).

Show them doctors who were totally wrong, admitted it, and now pursue the honest truth.

The trick is finding videos and articles that subtly highlight these changes in order to plant a small seed of doubt. You don’t have to convince your jabbed friends & family that the shots are a worldwide depopulation bioweapon agenda, but you should at least get them thinking about the dangers that were covered up.

And if you get some platitude response like, “Well, the Science changes,” don’t push back too hard. Simply agree, reiterate that the shots are experimental, and express that that’s why you didn’t get them. Express that the “science changes” to what many medical experts were already predicting months ago.

If you have an anecdote, mention that someone you know was harmed and in great health prior.

Whatever you do, you have to go slowly. If you cite some lesser-known website that you love, your ‘normie’ friends might automatically dismiss it. Or, they’ll go right to Google, spout the first search result, and declare your assertion “debunked!”

Encourage your friends to use other search engines, and if possible, show them that even certain MSM sources they trust are starting to question the jabs. There are many actual experts out there, and although Google will tell you they are now all suddenly ‘grifters,’ ‘anti-vaxxers,’ and ‘conspiracy theorists,’ despite illustrious careers, you can always remind your friends of what they’ve lost.

Who has more to gain by lying? ‘Experts’ who get trotted out on news stations funded by Pfizer or experts who have had their lives threatened and livelihoods destroyed, after being renowned for years in their fields?

Have patience, don’t be surprised if you fail many times, and as always, Good Luck ;)

2. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

A weird sounding term for a pretty standard phenomenon. Basically, this thing is all about the illusion of frequency. Ever see something and then you start seeing it all the time and wonder why there are suddenly so many of that ‘thing’? Whether a red car, certain brands, types of people, messages, ideas, or whatever, the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon refers to this illusion of increased frequency.

Now, don’t think the BMP is all bad. It has its perks, especially if you start noticing things that are potentially dangerous (*cough* deadly ‘vaccine’ *cough*), or instances of “sudden and unexpected” deaths or otherwise so-called rare health conditions.

Just be careful. When trying to get through to a jabbed friend or family member, don’t blame every abnormal death or adverse event on the jabs - even if you have good reason to do so. Remember, the last thing we want to do is fall under the same kind of spell that controls them.

Just think of it. What did CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the other Mockingbird Media channels do through the supposed pandemic? What they did was very simple. They instilled fear. Through a continuous ‘ticker’ on their channels, they constantly updated and inflated the number of deaths and cases.

The result? People got scared. They got overwhelmed. Their brains got a nonstop pump of covid covid covid covid. This, of course, then caused people to think covid was everywhere, hanging around corners, floating in the air, and breathing down their necks at every turn.

Wonder why some people wear masks obsessively or continue to get their fourth and fifth jabs? It’s because they’re suffering from the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon. They falsely assume that covid is ubiquitous because they ‘notice’ it more often. Problem is, most of those supposed covid cases and deaths were heavily inflated through inaccurate PCR tests, confusing ‘with’ and ‘from’ covid cases, and blatant medical coding fraud.

Want to know just how much the media fearmongering impacted people? People were convinced that covid was sooo bad, and that the so-called vaccine was sooo necessary, that 41% of Democrats thought HALF or more of those unvaccinated people infected with covid ended up hospitalized.

The real number of both unvaccinated and vaccinated ending up hospitalized with covid? Under one percent…

So How Do We Convince People They’ve Been Duped?

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is pretty powerful, and the main thing to do to overcome it is an appeal to rationality. Show people the real numbers and let them know how the media pumped the fear up on purpose. Let people know that both Republicans and Democrats were way off in their assessments of actual risk. This will keep it from seeming like a partisan attack.

Show people the insurance data, disability claims, and excess mortality data that is non-covid related. Edward Dowd is a great resource for this.

And don’t forget to let people know that there are way more athletes in their prime dying suddenly than ever before.

Many people in denial will come back with “people have always died suddenly” or “you can’t link that to the vaxx.”

How you proceed is up to you. You can either show videos of people having reactions or saying they’re vax-injured (many on TikTok) or bring up more stats and numbers.

If you feel that an appeal to logic will work better on some people you know than others, be sure to come prepared.

Here are some of the top doctors, scientists, and minds in the fight against these deadly shots…

Click on each for their links!

3. The Overton Window

The Overton Window is simply the range of ‘acceptable’ ideas. Used mostly in politics, it refers to those ideas and concepts which are deemed viable and those that are cast to the wayside as fringe or crazy. Like any window, the Overton window can be slammed shut, opened wide, cracked, broken, or shattered.

Sometimes, we need to install a new window entirely…

Since 2016, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the window. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump immediately changed the Overton Window the moment he came down his escalator in NYC. As President, he allowed many people who felt marginalized and suppressed to voice their opinions.

Of course, the Lamestream Media did their best to stop him.

Now flash forward. In just the past 3 years or so, the Overton Window has again shifted dramatically. Since the advent of this ‘Covid Era,’ we’ve seen all kinds of minor adjustments, obvious tweaks, and major renovations.

Lies, Omissions, and Deceptions in ‘The Covid Era’

Remember when even suggesting that covid came from the Wuhan lab could get you banned off Facebook and Twitter? How many people have been kicked off major social media platforms for “misinformation” that is now openly discussed by the MSM talking heads themselves?

It’s crazy. In fact, if it weren’t for the blatant censorship and suppression by these Authoritarian Technocrats, sites like Substack, Gettr, Truth Social, Gab, and more wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

How many people dared to mention hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin? How many people noted that covid case and death counts were being inflated, that covid case and death counts ‘from’ and ‘with’ covid were being conflated? That you could literally die in a motorcycle accident and be counted as a covid death?

What about those raising concerns over hospital intubation protocols? Or the dangerous side effects of remdesivir?

How many people simply shared or posted videos and links that the social media ‘fact checkers’ summarily flagged as misleading misinformation?

Clearly, the mainstream media and social media have done their best to narrow the Overton Window. For a while, any suggestion the vaccine caused harm got you labeled as a tinfoil hat-wearing ‘anti-vaxxer’ who was going to spread a highly deadly virus and kill everyone in sight.

My oh my how quickly things change…

Now, thanks to Elon Musk taking the reins at Twitter, many of the people who were censored, suppressed, shadow-banned, and outright banned are back on the platform with a vengeance. They’re shedding light on the issues that have been omitted from the lying news channels and are waking up the masses very quickly.

But is it too late?

Waking Up the Sleeping Masses One ‘Conspiracy Theory’ At a Time…

A wise schizo once said, “The only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is 6 months.”

Well, judging by how quickly things are accelerating, that timetable might have to be reduced to weeks.

If you’re trying desperately to open the Overton Window wider and wider, you have to fight the fight on the enemy’s turf. Twitter is currently the greatest authoritarian technocratic battleground of all time. With so many famous freedom fighters returning, you need only direct your jabbed friends & family members to the platform.

Show them mainstream videos from a couple years ago and now today. Highlight the changes, the reversals, the goal post-shifting, and the current public sentiment. Sheep want to fit in, so make them think they now don’t fit in because most people see through the vaccine sham.

After all, half of the U.S. now thinks the shots are deadly.

4. The Hawthorne Effect

This “effect” occurs across experimental and real-life conditions. Essentially, it states that people change the way they act based on being observed. However, for them to change, they have to know they’re being observed. By being aware of this observation, individuals may do things they would not normally do or say things they would not normally say.

This can be applied to many contexts. Just think of the past 3 years! For a while, the masses were isolated, only allowed to go to certain “essential” places. When they did, they had to abide by all sorts of protocols. They knew they were being watched, so what did people do?

They wore masks, they socially distanced by 6 feet, and they didn’t walk as closely to others in malls, stores, restaurants, and other spaces as they normally would. When the vaccine passports came into play, people in some countries, states, and areas had to flash their ‘proof.’

Everybody was watching everybody. Crazy ‘Karens’ had people kicked out of businesses for not wearing their face diapers over their noses! People got arrested for not following covid protocols.

The Hawthorne Effect was in full effect. By knowing they were being watched by others, people became more compliant and passive. They did things they didn’t like or didn’t believe in simply to get along. On social media, where many people are ‘watching,’ it became the norm to have profile pictures with ‘I got vaccinated’ filters.

Many people to this day display their masked-up profile pics. Sadly, so many people got programmed into these behaviors, that they unconsciously continue them today. Try to ask a perfectly healthy young person why he or she is wearing a mask in a car all alone with the windows up. In most cases, they don’t have an answer.

You’ll even have people say they don’t even notice it’s there anymore.

The reason people fell in line with masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and everything else is the same reason people waited in line to receive untested experimental injections for an illness they likely would have managed without a problem.

Sorta insane, right?

So How Do We Change Behaviors Back to Being… Sane?

It’s going to take some time but it is happening. The best way is to use the Hawthorne Effect against people. You might not be a confrontational person, but public shaming does work. Just as we’ve seen a horde of ‘experts’ justify rude and crass behaviors to coerce people into compliance, so too can we use that shaming to get people back into normal behavior.

The pendulum swings both ways.

If you see somebody wearing a mask by themselves in a car, give them an awkward look or hard stare. Laugh at them. If your friend or family member is like that, remind them that the masks are useless. Ask them how many times they washed it. What soap or detergent do they use? How long on average do they wear it before replacing it? Ask them about microfibers. Ask them if it’s an N95. Joke about how nice it is to breathe fresh air. Make a weird expression. Or just curtly say, “Take that damn thing off.”

Set the example. Don’t Purell every 5 seconds, don’t wear a mask even when told to, and when it comes to people touting the vaccine, be short and to the point. If they say they’re happy they were vaccinated, or else their infection would have been worse, remind them that “you don’t know that.” Point to the fact that “the majority of people in hospitals with covid now are jabbed.”

Appeal to their obedience to authority. Cite the CDC, FDA and WHO and mention how even these ‘trusted’ entities have changed their tune numerous times.

It may be hard, but you’ll get the swing of things. Some people respond better to shaming, others respond better to a nice, curious question: “Why are you still wearing a mask?” or “Do you really need that booster?” or “If you had a bad reaction, why get another shot?” or “Covid’s endemic now, the symptoms are mild at worst. You’ll be fine.”

If people ask you questions about not getting the vaccine, and you don’t want to ruffle the feathers, you can always be frank and polite: “Had covid, just wanted to wait till more research came out” or “Don’t trust the company after all the lawsuits they’ve had” or “I prefer natural supplements. They really help me. Wanna see what I use?”

Try to relate some aspect of your personal ‘awakening’ if you can: “Yea, I stopped wearing them because I couldn’t breathe well. I already had covid anyway so I have antibodies.” Adapt your line of reasoning so it’s more palatable to ‘normie’ thinkers. Remember, they’re getting their beliefs from a very narrow source of info, so you’ll have to administer the red pill bit by bit.

In the end, it might be tedious but it’s also the only way to ensure you don’t push them away and blow the chance forever. So seize the moment and make the breakthrough!

5. Defense Mechanisms & Cognitive Dissonance

These famous psychological terms refer to the human mind’s tendency to fight uncomfortable truths. Cognitive dissonance is where contradictory or conflicting thoughts or feelings exist in your mind at the same time.

Have you ever really liked something or someone, only to find out something terrible about them? What was your reaction? How did you feel? What did you think?

Let’s say you had a favorite celebrity. Then that celebrity gets arrested for doing something awful. You come to find out that this celebrity has been a truly bad person for years, and now it’s all coming out.

This is where defense mechanisms come in. You may not be ready to fully admit that this person was bad all along. After all, that would mean you trusted and loved a bad person. It would mean you were deceived, and make you think less of yourself as well.

Pretty simple, right?

Admitting You Were Seriously Wrong Is One of the Hardest Things in Life

Now think of the vaccinated. While many vaccinated individuals became extreme, calling for the arrest and even death of the unvaccinated, the majority of people did not. Most vaccinated individuals did what they were told, thinking that we were “all in this together” and that doing the right thing - getting jabbed - would get us out of the pandemic.

These people may have been na├»ve, uninformed, foolish, and a whole long list of adjectives, but they weren’t bad people. They were good people whose goodness was weaponized against them.

As you try to red-pill them, remember that. It can be frustrating at times - especially when you saw through the clotshots from the beginning - but try to sympathize.

When confronted with the truth, these people are going to have natural defense mechanisms. The first one is denial. This is typical. You’ll see them wave off any notion that they may have poisoned themselves. They won’t even acknowledge a lot of the information you send them.

Be persistent. Give it in small doses. Ask rhetorical questions. Play stupid and wonder out loud about inconsistencies: “It’s weird, I thought they said heart issues were rare…” Whatever you do, take baby steps and allow the person to think they’re coming to their own conclusions.

For some people, you have to bludgeon them over the head with the truth. You have to drop a Thermonuclear Truth Bomb right on their cranium. But for most people, it’s best to go slow and easy…

Think of it like helping a drug addict. If you push too hard too soon, you lose them forever. But if you take it day by day, you start the recovery.

Once past the denial phase, your friends and family may use projection. This is where they put their own mistakes and behaviors on other people. They’ll talk about other people’s issues, ignoring their own. They may sound hypocritical. They may sound ignorant. They may sound like a moody teenager losing an argument.

Again, this is a defense mechanism to keep them from thinking about the vax and its potential effects on their health. They’ll accuse others, and possibly you, of doing exactly what they’re doing: “You don’t do your own research, you just blindly trust what you’re told!”

Displacement and repression are also common defense mechanisms among the thoroughly jabbed. When they displace, they express their emotions upon others. They may yell at a friend or spouse. They may become physically aggressive with an inanimate object. When it comes to the dangers of the shots, the jabbed typically displace on those who point out the truth.

Rather than get angry at those who lied and deceived, at the architects of this globalized poison rollout, they get angry at you and me. Rather than blame themselves for believing the propaganda and taking the shots, they attack those who tried to help.

They call us names like “anti-vaxxers,” insinuating not only that we are crazy and irrational, but that we’re heartless too. It’s because of us that the ‘vaccinated’ are repeatedly getting sick and dying, not because of the dangerous injections inside them.

With repression, the jabbed will become strangely detached from events, facts, and ideas. They may seem to forget how sick they got after their first shot as they show up for their second, third, fourth, and so on.

The vaccinated may forget that they once called for their fellow citizens to be punished and detained for refusing the jabs. They may forget that people were locked down, removed from buildings, fired, and ostracized for refusing the jab. They may even forget how the jab permanently maimed or even killed someone they know.

With repression, these uncomfortable realities are pushed deep down into the subconscious so that the individual can return to his or her echo-chamber safe and sound.

Finally, reaction formation and rationalization round out the most common defense mechanisms among the jabbed.

Reaction formation refers to substituting one opposite set of behaviors for those that are deemed maladaptive. A prime example is when you’re young and you pick on or make fun of that cute guy or girl you actually like. In a way, you’re covering up your vulnerability and attraction to that person by acting as if you don’t like them.

In some cases, the jabbed do something very similar. You may notice some people almost seem like junkies. They continue to run out and get the latest shot, even after severe reactions, even though they have almost no risk from covid. They’ll even proudly proclaim how many boosters they’ve had, stating their intent to get every new one that comes out.

Through the lens of reaction formation, this individual may actually hate and fear the jabs, but instead of admitting that or turning back now (too painful to the psyche), he or she doubles down and shows the opposite attitudes and behaviors. This lying to oneself and others is thus a defense against the alarming truth: it might already be too late.

And finally, rationalization. We’ve all seen this one in play. Do you know a jabbie who gets very sick from the shots but says covid would have been worse without the shots? Or how about those sad souls on Twitter posing with their children who are in the hospital due to myocarditis? These parents may try to rationalize by saying it’s only ‘mild’ myocarditis. Or they may say that they still did the right thing by setting the example and getting their child vaxxed against the oh-so-deadly covid contagion.

In any case, they carefully construct a rationale for why what they did is good. Typically, they’ll either overemphasize what they believe to be the benefits or provide an explanation that almost exclusively ignores the negatives.

Ever hear a full-blown drug addict try to explain that, despite multiple ODs, jail time, and a rock-bottom lifestyle, they don’t have an addiction? Yea, it’s kinda like that…
In the End, the Proof is in the Killing

Just like people have to work through stages of grief, they have to work through layers of defense mechanisms. Sometimes, they have to slowly have their facade crack away until the light of the Truth shines in. Other times, they’ll hold on desperately until the last minute, piecing the lies together with cheap glue until the whole thing shatters.

Sadly, a lot of people are going to be the latter. They’ll dig deeper and deeper in the sand till they come out the other side and have nothing to face but reality. The good news is, it’s accelerating. The bad news is, it’s accelerating because the death and disability from the jabs are accelerating.

Once people get red-pilled, they rarely go back. It can be a painful process, but as someone who has been through it yourself, you can be their shepherd. Offer them a guiding hand. Realize that hundreds of millions if not billions of humans across this planet have been subjected to arguably the most advanced military-grade PSYOP of all time.

Sometimes, something is so clear and right in front of your face, that you look right through it without ever knowing it’s there. This is where a lot of people are on the so-called vaccines.

You are lucky to be among those who saw the light. While it has caused you pain and suffering of a different kind, be thankful that you did not receive the injections.

And whatever you do, be sure to offer solutions to the jabbed. There are various critical protocols that can help them detox the spike proteins and other effects of the shots.

Be positive, be vigilant, and keep your mind, body, and soul in peak condition. You’re a warrior in this fight, whether you know it or not, and you have more to accomplish yet.

Stay Strong. Stay True. Never Back Down.

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