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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Intro

I will be posting a chapter each day here. There are twenty.  This item has been written off as fiction and portions of the material can best be understood as interpolations of fiction in order for the mind to temporarily accept the unacceptable.

However, a year ago i rejected the whole idea of a hollow earth as preposterous.  Yet today, my deeper understanding of my cloud cosmology has led me to seriously consider the conjecture as plausible.  Recall cloud cosmology is based on the consequences of my published mathematics which also expanded the foundations of mathematics itself to immediately produce the third and forth order Pythagorean metric and by elementary extension the nth order Pythagorean metric.  In short this is no idle claim.

It is enough for us to know that mythical descriptions of the hollow earth that have come down to us, likely by channeling conform to what we read here.  So suck it up and go from there.  I still dismiss the idea of access as unlikely but it would need to be in Antarctica for surface access with our means.  After saying all that once we seriously start running tunnels all over the crust, getting there will hardly be a problem  as such can be run into Antarctica to the supposed entry.

This document does include plenty of material that has been confirmed from other sources and we have covered many of those here.  Better yet it fills in blanks that need to be filled in.

It is argued that this document was likely written recently. Perhaps portions of it were.  However the central research could only have been produced in the seventies when many of the actors were alive and could vouch for the authors to other witnesses. Other aspects are also discussed that have actually come to light since then and some possibly since this document was posted.

Otherwise, i realize that my own research is plowing the same ground and that i am expert enough to properly tackle this document.  Thus we will indeed take it seriously.   Many comments will be interpolated into the text as well.

This is a disclosure document edited and released thirty five years after so all witness and sources would be dead or an impossible bit of fiction.  We will naturally swing back and forth as we work through this.

Genesis for the New Space Age

Secret Development of the Round Wing Plane, the Extra Terrestrials Inside the Earth, and the Arrival of the Outer Terrestrials 

1980 by John B. Leith



 PART I - Space Race 

Chapter I Earth Under Surveillance 
Chapter II Early American Development of Prototype of Round Wing Planes 
Chapter HI International Response to Unidentified Flying Objects 
Chapter IV U.S. Readies New Aerial Marvel for Possible German Conflict 
Chapter V Germans acquire U.S. Round Wing Plans 
Chapter VI U.S. Shares Secret of New Round Wing Planbe with Allies 
Chapter VII Allied Development and War-time Use of New Round Wing Plane 
Chapter VIII Germans Abandon Fatherland in Giant Subs and Their Model of the Round wing Planes
Chapter IX Vanishing Germans Discover Mystery of Ages 
Chapter X Byrd Finds South Pole Entrance to Inner World 
Chapter XI Byrd Stalks The Missing Nazis 
 Chapter XII U.S. Peacefully "invades" Inner World 
Chapter XIII Byrd' s Aerial Disaster Sets Post- War Postures 

PART II - The Inner World of Extra Terrestrials 

Chapter XV Man From Atlantis 
Chapter XV U.S. Post- War Military Development of Anti-Gravity Principle 
Chapter XVI Germans Build Sovereign Nation in Inner Earth 
Chapter XVII Strangers in Our Skies 
Chapter XVIII A Day to Remember on Planet Earth (The First Battle with A Hostile Alien Craft from Outer Space) 
Chapter XIX A New Age Dawning Epilogue Appendix Social, Political, Economic and Religious Life, Inner Earth Notes Diagrams, Photos and Documents 


Some of the most closely guarded secrets of this century - and perhaps since time began will be discovered within the pages of this book. At the heart of the long kept secrets is the phenomena, euphemistically known as unidentified flying objects, which certain nations of this world have developed with the aid of outer terrestrials from other planets. The manuscript is entirely original, from primary sources, most of which must remain anonymous. Over 100 interviews were conducted.

 Research for the project took three years of two mens' time, plus thousands of hours contributed freely by others, some of whom placed their careers in jeopardy to do so. Material was gathered mostly in the U.S.A., but also visited was the USSR, Mexico, Germany, Canada, France, England, Spain, Brazil and the Vatican. Washington was where the real struggle was fought to pry the truth from bureaucratic vaults. 

During the task of researching projects related to the UFOs, a few allies who wanted the entire story explained were gradually located in all walks of the Capitol's life. Some of those who came to our aid were Senators, Congressmen, top military men in all the services, and high ranking civil servants, as well as agents and retired agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Through the efforts of all those sympathetic people the book was completed. Its contents simply attempt to open up, without apology, the post-war history of the so called UFO for examination. 

The U.S.A., Canada, as well as Britain and Germany are the main custodians of the secret UFO knowledge revealed herein. But only in such a freedom-loving nation as the U.S.A. could there have surfaced bold men willing to defy tradition and disclose the buried facts about the new age of visiting space ships, and inner and outer terrestrials. 

The manuscript did not begin on a theme re development of the so called UFO. It was started more as a doubtful question about the phenomena in general, and as ensuing facts were enlarged the story of an international competition was recognized which had begun in the 1930's and which the author's labelled "The Space Race." Quite soon, in the uncovering of additional information, it became apparent that Earth was no longer a singular planet on which men looked and listened for the reality of similar life elsewhere in the universe. Instead it was evident that Earth itself was that sphere in this solar system which sister planets had been monitoring closely for years. We were not alone was the discovery which we the authors and countless others had made. But who would believe that report if we were to tell? This was the mind-boggling dilemma. 

 Right from the start it was anticipated that much of the new information sought on the space age could not be freed from security wraps for national defense reasons, which indeed proved to be so. 

Sympathetic to this corollary, the authors did not inquire at all into military secrets. But a recurring irritation was the unavailability of certain material of related UFO importance which will not be released for 50 years from its happening. That keeps many relevant events hidden till the 1990's or later. In this latter case perhaps only history, or time, or unknown witnesses will come forward to expose the truth. 

But aside from the military considerations, this explosive knowledge had also been suppressed simply because of its phenomenal and disquieting aspects and the effect they would have in the public mind and spirit. Nevertheless, if the story of man's sudden immersion into the interplanetary world of extra-terrestrials isn't unfolded in part, at least, its telling may come too late. For the inhabited solar system in which we dwell and the equally inhabited space beyond is far more complex than the average intelligent person would realize. It is in fact a universe of principalities and powers which have traditionally been visiting and perhaps seeding planet Earth for a thousand milleniums and which probably will continue whether or not we accept their incredible reality. 

[ again we have confirmation of what Swedenborg reported through his contact with hte world of spirit back in the late eighteenth century.  All this becomes plausible if all planets happen to be hollow and populated. arclein ]

It is this knowledge that will confound most religionists and many scientists and educators in the next span of years more than any other current revelation about outer space. An eminent physicist of Stanford University has stated that "committed Christians of all faiths will likely be the most unbelieving - as in Gallileo's time." 

[ Religion has made the critical error of thinking that the spirit world is not physical simply because they could not see it ordinarily.  It is!!  arclein ]

It may be that the greatest danger to the thoughtful reader will be his despondent reflection that God does not exist or at least has become remote and impersonal. On the other hand, the revised rationale of the agnostic may be to elevate man into God's abode, raising man's ego-image still higher. But what to rightly believe will become self-evident to thoughtful people when they know for certain that the horizons of the heavens are endless and that there is a Force unlimited by time and space which must be omnipotent and omnipresent to fashion and turn the endless wheels of the cosmos, wherein Earthman may be only an insignificant figure. 

 For those who will think this material is science fiction in disguise, they are asked to delay judgment until the conclusion of the book. Meanwhile, a few of the problems encountered are shared with the reader. One foreign government complained to the U.S. State Department that their embassy staff were being badgered by the authors. In another country the stay of the researcher was cut short when he was asked to leave. The Vatican registered a strong diplomatic protest with the President of the U.S.A. that one of its top emmissaries was interrogated and forcibly searched while bringing material into the U.S.A. for the authors. 

A special hearing of congressional and senate committees met in Washington to act on the refusal by a government agency to release unclassified information as required under the Freedom of Information Act. In another case, the researcher was taken into custody for attempting to photograph non-classified National Archives exhibits, and an executive order was secured to release him from detention. And just as offensive was a forceful reminder that the collecting of information and pictures from our former German enemies was treasonable under a still existing war-time statute. 

The drama of subterfuge on both sides went on and on and in itself would comprise a book of skirmishes with the military and science worlds that would be both laughable and yet lamentable. But as the story of the round wing plane unfolds, it will be realized how the authorities became committed to a bond of silence going back 30 years

Nevertheless, the gathering of information for this book was not simply a game of the pen versus the sword. It was a rivalry of serious intent by the authors and those who came to their aid to persuade the government sources to reveal long overdue facts on the UFO enigma. And for those opposing forces who had been made keepers of the secret by the previous generation, it was a concerted attempt to dissuade the authors to go home and forget about UFO's and the nation's possible involvement. 

But curiously the whole series of episodes has produced a grudging respect for the thrust of science in the free world and the hidden might of its military. Only in a democracy could the forces of constraint and openness meet in confrontation, and the lesser of the two protagonists be allowed to survive and tell of the struggle. As this century ends, a reluctant United States has been shoved onto the world's stage at the most critical time of our civilization. Whether America likes this role or not, she and her friends are the star players who must take major parts in shaping this planet's destiny here and beyond. For far from being weaklings, the U.S.A. and her allies are the noble giants who hold aloft over our planet the shield that would keep our world intact and still free. 


There are a dozen nations on planet Earth capable of making nuclear bombs. There is an estimated stockpile of at least 30,000 heavy, nuclear bombs among major countries, and three new ones are being added per day. If only a fraction of this destructive force were delivered, it could kill nearly all life on the face of the Earth, contaminating the planet and its survivors for decades. The atmospheric and geological upheavals would so change the Earth as it is presently composed, that the highly civilized areas would disappear in the dust of war or beneath rising oceans. As man's technical ability has pyramided to overkill his fellow men and destroy their abodes, peace in the heart of mankind and nationhoods has become only a hollow phrase, or at best, a fleeting hope. Onto this mad planet has come a new phenomena, the unidentified flying objects - and with them, the outer and extra terrestrials.

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