Friday, March 20, 2009

Sarah Pallin is Presidental Timber

I have no doubt that we are going to see Sarah Palin run for the presidency and likely win the presidency. The lady has the right instincts, loves to tell stories and is sharp enough to be a quick study as demonstrated by how she decisively broke the political logjams in her own state. She is a communicator on the same level as Clinton and Reagan.

The fact that she is inexperienced in foreign affairs and in economic thinking is hardly a handicap, particularly when she has eight years to pick up the appropriate high level education. The only presidents who actually came to the job since Nixon fully prepared in those areas was Reagan and his vp George Bush in both economics and foreign affairs. Clinton was a fast study and Carter was not. The second Bush delegated for far too long and appeared to never grasp the enormity of what was happening. Obama is intellectually saddled with the fool’s gold of leftist economic theory as well as some of the more ardent believers. His thinking appears to be dangerously linear and this is not the time to mature intellectually. He will however, do very well on the foreign affairs portfolio because he seems able to make others to step down from confrontation. At least he is showing up with a bouquet of roses rather than packing for bear.

The political bashing of Sarah Palin has mostly run its course and that is now fading from people’ memories. And negatives cannot be used twice in politics to any effect. This means that her wonderfully powerful positive image that is unbeatable gives her the upper hand in any run for the presidency. Middle class America wants her and wants her to simply have a bit more experience which she will get over the next four to eight years.

Obama ended Hillary’s political hopes. Now his natural successor is standing in the wings.

Palin's Popularity Soars in Alaska

Thursday, March 19, 2009 8:19 PM

Alaskans aren’t fazed much by the ongoing Sarah Palin-bashing taking place in the Lower 48 -- a new poll indicates the governor’s popularity remains sky high among voters in her home state.

Anchorage-based pollster Hays Research Group says its March survey shows 61.3 percent -- nearly two out of every three Alaskans -- feel either “very positive” or “positive” about Gov. Palin.

Palin triggers a negative reaction from about one-third of Alaskans, however. The poll found some 32.7 percent of Alaskans rate Palin as either “somewhat negative” (12.5 percent) or “very negative” (20.2 percent).

Only 6 percent are undecided about her, suggesting that the GOP governor tends to evoke strong feelings one way or the other. The poll of 400 Alaskans has an error margin of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore reported similar results in January. His survey showed Palin’s favorability rating at 63 percent.

Palin’s popularity has fallen well off her peak level of 89 percent. Palin reached that highpoint in an Ivan Moore survey conducted in May 2007, about 15 months before she was named GOP Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

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arclein said...

Sarah has a decade to get her act together. Joe Biden is on prime time now, and I have to say that he he is shaping up to be a bad choice.

The furor over Palin allowed his candidacy to go largely unexamined and we are now seeing him in action. Whatever shortcomings we feared in Palin by her young career we are now visiting in spades from this old soldier. In other words we got the shortcomings without the pretty face.

Let us hope that it never becomes important. And i would love to see a maturer Palin fight it out with Hilary for the presidency in eight years. They would both be at the top of their game and the fight would bury the gender issue forever. By then, they would both even deserve to win.

For those of us who enjoy politics as the blood sport it is, one could hardly ask for a more motivating and thrilling contest that is certain to yank everyone off the fence and maximize voter turnout.