Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reverse Engineering the UFO

Reverse Engineering the UFO

I posted this tidbit in early November. Much more has happened since.

What is a UFO?

It is a craft that is designed to operate in a magnetic field and possibly even produce one. Its working skin is a sandwich of single atomic layers that include a semiconductor cooling layer and a high temperature superconductor. We can actually do this in our labs now. Technical finesse will take a lot longer of course. This means that an activated skin sealing off the exterior will exclude the Earth’s magnetic field producing massive lift. Most likely, the larger the craft design is, the stronger the lift as total density drops. With this technology it becomes simple to leave the Earth’s gravity well and perhaps even selectively navigate in the solar system itself.

For my next trick we place a super conducting magnetic ring around the outside edge and use it to produce a directed pinched magnetic bottle steered in the direction desired. It is not that simple but you get the idea.

Therefore leaving the Earth becomes cheap and easy. It we had this technology tomorrow; we could move every human off planet inside a generation. We already know how and it will likely take us only another generation to create a working craft.

The remaining unmentioned issue was energy storage and energy supply. Two months ago we only had a glimmer. We are much better off today. The EEStor battery skin described in the Lockheed Martin patent is a natural design element for the active skin described in my post. If this can be made to work, we have storage system for the massive amounts of electrical energy that is needed.

Yesterday’s post on the Dense Plasma Focus Device (DPFD) finally gives us a compact geometry promising high energy output. This can believably be put into a small craft once it is mastered. It starts small and will only get smaller as load and design are optimized.

Hell, we can even have enough juice to fire a microwave pulse laser to paint a few crop circles while we are at it, if our friends in the British Air force are not up to doing it.

When I was fourteen, I saw that no technical explanation existed for a working UFO. I thought that this represented an interesting problem to reverse engineer. It has taken us over forty five years to reach the correct level of knowledge to simply understand the feasibility of the project. I am now prepared to declare it feasible in terms of present knowledge and achievable within the decade if the DPFD actually works and we can be quick about manufacturing issues that are not minor. Right now the problem list has suddenly become finite, rather than open ended.

Such a craft, while not controlling gravity can be operated the majority of the time with an acceleration of one earth gravity. This makes travelling around the solar system fully feasible while maintaining proper gravity for maintaining human health. Of course a computer does all the real work, but we already have that capability.

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