Friday, January 30, 2009

Iranian Rocketry

Iran’s enthusiasm for nuclear weapons and rockets is not the type of good news any of us want to read about. We used to dream that such weapons could be kept out of the hands of apparent sociopaths and that it would be possible to keep us all safe.

What we learn instead is that if the will and the money exist, then these systems can be built and put in place by any country. And prime minister Whack Job is doing a fairly good imitation of a sociopath.

The only good news is that their capability is not as eminent as some would have you believe. We actually have time to allow natural regime change to work its way through the Iranian government.

We still have the present capability of the Pakistanis and the pretense of the North Koreans.

The real problem is that Islam permits individuals to preach a doctrine that would have shamed Hitler. There will always be someone who will strive to act on these teachings to satisfy his blood cravings and under cover of this groupthink. You only have to look at the ease in which suicide bombers are recruited.

That means we must address the problem of effective counter measures.

We have provided the possessors of nuclear weapons respect that has reinforced their owner’s behavior. In fact it has legitimized their acquisition.

The only effective and lasting solution is and will be the outright deNazification of Islam. It took five to ten years in Germany to drain the poison. It will take just as long to do the same for any Islamic country.

The non Islamic world needs to unite in this program and challenge Islam everywhere, at home and abroad. Most of Islam will cooperate and support this because Islam will prosper once Islamic barbarism itself is extinct.

The program entails the arrest and imprisonment of all extreme interpreters of the Koran for a minimum of five years and permanent probation blocking them from any position of power. Liberal clerics are organized to supply command and control to replace any open positions in society.

Down this road all of Islam can prosper and survive. The other road is a perpetuation of Gaza unto the seventh generation and the murder of millions.

Regimes that oppose this process can be step by step embargoed. There is plenty to do and we have all the time in the world to see it through. Fortunately, most of Islam can make this happen very easily and much more easily if it is part of a global cleansing supported by an united globe.

Iran Set to Launch First Domestic Satellite by March 20

by Staff Writers
Tehran (RIA Novosti) Jan 29, 2009

Iran plans to put its first domestically made communication satellite into orbit by March 19-20, the head of the Iranian space agency has said.

"If we do not run into problems, the first domestic satellite will be put in orbit by the end of this [Iranian solar calendar] year," Reza Taqipour said.

He said that technical experts were working to complete the preparations, adding that the precise launch date for the Omid (Hope) satellite would be announced as it drew nearer.

In November, Iran launched a carrier space rocket, Kavoshgar 2 (Explorer 2), which returned to earth after completing its mission.

The project was part of the country's "strategic
space program" and "preparation for scientific and technological developments in space," according to Iran's state TV IRIB.

Last August, Iran successfully launched a carrier rocket Safir (Messenger), capable of putting lightweight satellites into low-earth orbit.

Iran has said it plans to put a "series of satellites" into space by 2010 to aid natural disaster management programs and improve telecommunications.

The launches have aroused concerns throughout the world that Tehran is developing long-range ballistic missile technology that could be used to launch
nuclear weapons.


R M said...

Why are the politically-motivated murderers of the middle east to be blamed on Islam, while you don't blame Hitler, the example you cite, on Christianity?

Politics is politics. Most politicians were born into one or another religion.

Your belief that certain religions create murderers out of people lacks any scientific basis.

arclein said...

I would never claim a religion or ideology creates murderers. the instinct is already there in ourselves waiting to be rationalized and unleashed.

hitler's contribution was to fabricate an ideology that did just that and it was in direct conflict with Christianity.

The weakness of Islam is that it created a framework for rationalizing the natural framework of the barbarian world from which it emerged.

Other organized religions struggle to contain that natural barbaric impulse.

Islam has lacked an internal authority that prohibits violence and in fact encourages perpetual war against non believers. The result has been perpetual war both passive and active.

Islam must find a way to undo this tendency to reassure nonbelievers.