Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Turning the Tide Against Cholera


This report is actually very encouraging.  It is likely impossible to get the disease out of the wild itself but is is possible to create a secure water delivery system.  That has not happened yet in most countries including semi developed SE Asia.

Failure to make it good has been an ongoing political decision, just as slums are caused by political neglect.  solutions are readily available and well tested many decades ago in similar situations.

Other than that we have here a clear clinical solution for victims that turns them around in hours and a vaccine protocol that can be applied locally to an outbreak.  All good enough to win all battles.

Then it is merely a matter of solving poverty which i have explained is also easy enough..

A global pandemic rose from these swamps. Now scientists may have a way to stop it. Turning the Tide Against Cholera

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KP said...

Yep- more billions for the vaccine industry and the setting up of the system to drop the population levels of poor people in the future. Now we can inroduce them to first world diseases using mercury and aluminium!

Strange how they couldn't put that money into clean water instead.